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Group 1: Bokgoni THS (Website)

Group 3: Willowmoore High School (database)

Group 4: Orchards Day Care (Website)

Group 5: Derek Kobe Secondary School

Group 6: Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary

Group 8: SPCA(Centurion) (Maintenance)

Group 9: Brooklyn Police Station (Gardening)

Group 10: Sunnyside Pre-Primary School (Tekki Tots)

Group 11: Hatfield CID (Website)

Group 13: Stars Mentorship

Group 14: Stars Mentorship

Group 15: Stars mentorship (Mentoring)

Group 18: Ambe Valley (Electronic devices assistance)

Group 19: Thlogomela Career Advisors (career guidance)

Group 20: Brooklyn Police Station (Trauma Room)

Group 22: NZG: Bird Feeder

Group 24: EBIT II (Career guidance)

Group 25: Owl house on campus

Group 26: Hoërskool Kemptonpark (Teaching)

Group 27: Die Middelburg Care Village (Jungle gym)

Group 28: Pro Art Alphen Park High School (Renovation)

Group 29: Pretoria Secondary School (Computer repairing)

Group 30: Lory Park Zoo (Platform for the Lynx)

Group 32: Weskoppies Hospital (Renovation)

Group 33: Pretoria Dog Rescue (Various)

Group 35: Wetnose (Renovation)

Group 36: Stars mentorship 

Group 37: Hatfield Court (Renovation)

Group 38: Husky Romi Rescue and Wolf Sanctuary (Building)

Group 39: Mothers Nest Childrens Home (Various)

Group 40: Laudium Secondary School (Computer repairing)

Group 41: Husky and Romi Wolf Sanctuary

Group 42: Zwartkop Air Force Museum (Maintenance)

Group 44: Smuts Huis Museum (Scanning of documents)

Group 46: SPCA (Waltloo) (Renovation)

Group 48: Husky Romi Rescue and Wolf Sanctuary (Building)

Group 49: Orchard Early Learning And Day Care (Reading Corner)

Group 50: Stars Mentorship Programme

Group 51: JuniorTukkie

Group 52: Husky Romi Rescue and Wolf Sanctuary (Building and renovation)

Group 53: Career guidance

Group 54: Pretoria Secondary School (Computer repairing)

Group 55: Lory Park Animal Zoo Park (Caracal swing)

Group 56: Wetnose (Renovation)

Group 57: Stars Mentorship

Group 58: Computer training (Mamelodi)

Group 60: Weskoppies Hospital (Renovation)

Group 61: EBIT II (Career guidance)

Group 62: Sunnyside PPS (Various)

Group 65: NZG (DNA bench)

Group 67: Lory Park Zoo (Platforms)

Group 68: Stars Mentorship

Group 69: Hatfield Precinct Clinic (Renovation)

Group 70: Computer training (Mamelodi)

Group 71: Laerskool Jopie Fourie Primary School (Website)

Group 72: Hatfield Precinct Clinic

Group 73: Zwartkop Air Force Museum (Maintenance)

Group 74: Orchards Pre-School (Painting)

Group 76: Hatfield Precinct Clinic (Garden)

Group 77: Hatfield Precinct Clinic (Painting)

Group 78: NZG (Birds boxes)

Group 79: Lory Park and Animal Zoo Park

Group 80: Computer training (Mamelodi)

Group 81: Hofmeyr Secondary School (Computer centre)

Group 82: NZG: Bug Magnifier

Group 85: Zwartkop Air Force Museum (Renovation)

Group 86: Computer training (Mamelodi)

Group 87: Wollies Animal Shelter

Group 88: Macedonean Christian School (Mural)

Group 89: Residential Old Age Home (Renovation)

Group 90: Tshepo Ya Bana (Renovation)

Group 91: Kay Kay Day Care (Mural)

Group 92: Zwartkop Air Force Museum (Maintenance)

Group 93: Zwartkop Air Force Museum (Maintenance)

Group 94: Irene Home Charity Shop

Group 95: Calvary Christian College (Teaching, arranging store room)

Group 96: Boschkop Primary Farm School (Computer Center)

Group 97: Husky, Romi Rescue and Wolf Sanctuary (Building)

Group 98: Barnaviya Day Care (Renovation Project)

Group 99: Whispers Speech and Hearing Centre (Renovation)

Group 101: Kay Kay Day Care (Mural)

Group 102: Precinct Clinic (Renovation)

Group 103: JuniorTukkie

Group 105: Zwartkop Air Force Museum (Maintenance)

Group 106: EBIT II (Career guidance)

Group 108: Elandspoort High School (Computer lab)

Group 109: Computer training (Mamelodi)

Group 110: Shingwedzi Secondary School (Teaching)

Group 111: NZG (Repairing pavement)

Group 112: Lory Park Zoo (Lemur platform)

Group 113: Zwartkop Air Force Museum (Maintenance)

Group 114: SPCA (Centurion) (Renovation)

Group 115: Kekanastad Traditional Mothers Development Organisation (Computer training)

Group 116: Opkyk Pathways (Building of a tricycle)

Group 117: Elim Church (Renovation of student accommodation)

Group 119: Smuts House Museum (Inventory list)

Group 120: Whispers learning centre (Mural)

Group 121: Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre (Renovation)

Group 122: Balebogeng Primary School (Repainting of play area)

Group 123: Eskom Expo (Adjudicators)

Group 125: Zwartkop Air Force Museum (Maintenance)

Group 126: Computer training Hatfield 

Group 127: Whispers Speech and Learning Centre (Refurbishing of jungle gym)

Group 129: Zwartkop Air Force Museum (Maintenance)

Group 130: Zwartkop Air Force Museum (Maintenance)

Group 131: Carnarvon Hulp- en Tuissorgsentrum (Jungle Gyms)

Group 132: Siyaphila Youth Empowerment

Group 133: Laerskool Nellie Swart (Renovation)

Group 134: Hatfield Precinct Clinic (Demolish wall)

Group 135: Cats 9 Lives (Cats enclosure upgrade)

Group 136: Bopa Monyetla (Computer training)

Group 137: Pierian Spring Day Care (Renovation)

Group 138: Wollies Animal Shelter (Renovation)

Group 139: Tshepo Ya Bana (Pit Trampoline)

Group 141: Zwartkop Air Force Project (Maintenance)

Group 142: Zwartkop Air Force Project (Maintenance)

Group 143: Zwartkop Air Force Museum (Maintenance)

Group 144: Zwartkop Air Force Project (Maintenance)

Group 146: Sun Sparrows PPS (Bicycle track)

Group 147: Career guidance in Kwaggafontein

Group 148: SAP Brooklyn (Maintenance)

Group 149: Floralise PPS (Renovation)

Group 150: NZG: Making capturing nets

Group 151: Sunnyside Primary School Afterschool (Renovation)

Group 152: Purple Grace Foundation (Renovation)

Group 153: NZG: Sanding, repairing and repainting of conference tables

Group 154: Bester Birds and Animal Zoo Park (Cape crow enclosure)

Group 155: Stanza Bopape Secondary School (Mathematics)

Group 156: His Blessing Day Care (Renovation)

Group 157: Barnaviya Day Care (Renovation)

Group 158: SAP Brooklyn (Renovation)

Group 159: Kgaphamadi Secondary School (Mathematics)

Group 160: KTG: Makhosini High School (Mathematics)

Group 161: Siyaphila Youth Empowerment (Homework)

Group 162: NZG Zoo Club

Group 163: NZG (Demolishing of brick walls)

Group 164: Keep that Gold Shining (Mathematics)

Group 165: Doors of Hope / Tutoring

Group 166: Pen Educational Forum (Educational resources)

Group 167: Jilongo High School (Physical Science)

Group 168: SPCA (Centurion)

Group 169: Zwartkop Air Force Museum

Group 170: Hatfield Precinct (Boxes)

Group 171: Ditsong Cultural History Museum/ Kruger House Museum (Inventory list)

Group 172: Ditsong Pioneer Museum (Braais)

Group 173: Zwartkop Air Force Museum (Renovation)

Group 174: Mikateka Primary School (Renovation)

Group 175: Pathways Pretoria (Library project)

Group 176: Pennies Pre-School (Computer repair)

Group 177: SAP Brooklyn (Renovation)

Group 179: Pandamatenga (Soccer poles)

Group 180: Tshwane Leadership Foundation

Group 181: Pure Hope Primary School (Renovation)

Group 182: Hatfield Court (Renovation)

Group 183: EWB: Kutumela Molefi Primary Farm School (Building)

Group 184: Cats 9 LIves

Group 185: Mafu Secondary School

Group 186: Hoërskool Akasia (Rugby and cricket)

Group 188: Ditsong Pioneer Museum

Group 189: SAP Brooklyn (Renovation)

Group 190: Computer training Hatfield

Group 191: SAP Brooklyn (Renovation)

Group 192: Robotics football course

Group 193: NZG: Renovation of storeroom

Group 194: Computer training (Hatfield)

Group 196: NZG: QR codes

Group 197: Sunnyside Orphanage (Renovation)

Group 198: SPCA(Benoni) (Painting)

Group 199: Swartkop Air Force Museum (Renovation)

Group 200: KTG: Soshanguve Secondary School (Mathematics)

Group 201: JuniorTukkie

Group 202: Lory Park Zoo (Garden)

Group 203: Ikamva Youth (Mathematics)

Group 206: SAP Brooklyn (Renovation)

Group 207: Magalies LSEN Skool (Reading corner)

Group 208: SAP Brooklyn (Renovation)

Group 209: Botsanang Day Care Centre

Group 210: Computer training (Mamelodi)

Group 211: Mamelodi West Cricket Pitch (Maintenance/ Support)

Group 212: Utlwanang day care centre

Group 213: Catherine Robson Children's Home (Storeroom)

Group 214: Sunnyside Primary School (Renovation)

Group 216: Ligno Vitae (Fence)

Group 217: Tshidimbini Secondary School (Mathematics)

Group 218: Kutumela Molefi Primary Farm School (Renovation of wooden classroom)

Group 219: 4Paws (Building)

Group 220: Sunnyside PPS (Renovation)

Group 221 Pure Hope Primary School (Renovation)

Group 222: NZG: Artificial trees for bird enclosures

Group 224: NZG: Benches and greenhouse

Group 225: NZG: Renovation

Group 226: Zwartkop Air Force Museum

Group 227: Eskom Expo (Adjudicators)

Group 228: Eskom Expo (Adjudicators)

Group 229: KTG:

Botse Botse SS / Sehlaku Secondary School (Mathematics)

Group 230: HIs Grace and Mercy Day Care

Group 231: Via Nova School (Reading corner)

Group 232: EBIT I (Career guidance)

Group 233: Target Life (Career software)

Group 234: Eskom Expo (Adjudicator)

Group 235: EBIT I (Career guidance)

Group 236: Sun Sparrows PPS (Renovation)

Group 238: SAP Brooklyn (Renovation)

Group 239: His Grace and Mercy Day Care

Group 240: EBIT I (Career guidance)

Group 242: SAP Brooklyn (Repainting)

Group 243: Owl Rescue Centre (Building)

Group 244: EBIT I (Career guidance)

Group 245: EBIT I (Career guidance)

Group 246: Taaibos Rag Project at Mosetlha Primary School in Makapanstad (Water tank base)

Group 247: EBIT I (Career guidance)

Group 248: Reinette van den Berg Impact Home Schooling (Tutoring)

Group 249: Hope Revolution (Repairing of computers)

Group 251: SAP Brooklyn (Renovation)

Group 252: Smuts House Museum (Cataloguing)

Group 253: Orchards Pre-Primary (Painting)

Group 255: Pen Ignite (Tutoring)

Group 256: Ditsong Pioneer Museum (Renovation)

Group 257: Harmonie Park (Sensory room)

Group 258: Orchards Pre-School (Renovation)

Group 260: Mathipa Makgato Secondary School (Mathematics)

Group 261: Siyaphila youth support services

Group 262: Tshwane Muslim School (Mathematics/Physical Science)

Group 263: Ditsong Cultural History Museum (Inventory list)

Group 264: Prime Crew (Renovation)

Group 265: Wetnose (Maintenance project)

Group 266: SPCA (Edenvale) (Goat house)

Group 267: Ikhaya Nothando (Renovation)

Group 268: Sincobile Secondary School (Mathematics)

Group 269: Maltese, Frech Poodle and Yorkie Rescue

Group 270: Lory Park Zoo (Cockatoo)

Group 271: Bester Birds and Animal Zoo Park

Group 272: Lat Wiel (Renovation)

Group 273: Sun Sparrows PPS (Renovation)

Group 275: Pennies Pre-School (Renovation)

Group 276: Cats'9 LIves (Renovation)

Group 278: Fundinjobo High School (Mathematics)

Group 279: Pennies Pre-School (Renovation)

Group 280: Gilead House (Pergolas)

Group 281: Stanza Bopape Community Centre (Career guidance)

Group 282: EBIT I (Career guidance)

Group 283: Whispers Centre

Group 286: His Blessing Day Care (Clean up)

Group 287: Pikanini Kleuterskool (Various)

Group 288: Honorary Ranger K9 Center in the Kruger National Park

Group 289: New Life Day Care

Group 290: SPCA(Newcastle) (Various)

Group 291: EBIT I (Career guidance)

Group 292: Eskom Expo 

Group 293: The animal guardians (Various)

Group 294: Relebogile High School (Mathematics and Science)

Group 295: Ditsong Pioneer Museum (Renovation)

Group 296: Bokgoni THS (Mathematics)

Group 297: Laerskool Meyerspark (Repainting of games)

Group 298: Ditsong Cultural History Museum/ Kruger House Museum (Inventory list)

Group 299: Bester Birds and Animal Zoo Park (Coatimundi enclosure)

Group 300: Bester Birds and Animal Zoo Park (Caracal camp)

Group 301: Whispers Speech and Hearing Centre (Mural)

Group 302: Hoërskool Kempton Park (Mathematics)

Group 303: Rotary Club of Knights Pendragon leadership camp

Group 304: Ditsong Pioneer Museum (Renovation)

Group 305: Lory Park Zoo (Bird Boxes)

Group 306: Computer training (Mamelodi)

Group 307: EBIT I (Career guidance)

Group 308: Keep that Gold Shining

Group 309: Hlokomela Kliniek (Renovation)

Group 310: Hlokomela Clinic (Renovation)

Group 311: Sonitus School (Library)

Group 312: Career Guidance

Group 313: Kruger House (Inventory list)

Group 314: Moot Community Library

Group 315: Soshanguve South Secondary School (Renovation)

Group 316: Floralise PPS (Tekki Tots)

Group 317: Lory Park Zoo (Hammocks)

Group 317: Pen Pre-School Forum (Renovation)

Group 318: Elandsvallei Old Age Home (Renovation)

Group 319: Kay Kay Day Care (Mural)

Group 320: NZG: Pulley System

Group 321: Bester Birds and Animal Zoo Park (Towny eagle)

Group 322: Trolley for PEN recycling project

Group 325: Esko Expo (Adjudicators)

Group 326: Botsanang Day Care (Building)

Group 327: Tshewlopele Creche (Building)

Group 331: Tomorrow's People (Tekki Tots)

Group 332: Via Nova LSEN School (Library)

Group 333: Jilongo High School (Mathematics)

Group 334:Sonitus LSEN School (Library)

Group 336: JuniorTukkie (Career guidance)

Group 337: Lat Wiel/Soshanguve Box Club

Group 338: Lat Wiel/Soshanguve Box Club

Group 339: Lat Wiel

Group 340: Centurion Hospice

Group 341: Tonteldoos Secondary School (Football posts)

Group 342: SPCA (Centurion)

Group 343: Sunnyside Primary School (Renovation)

Group 344: Botsanang Day Care Centre

Group 345: His Blessing Day Care (Renovation)

Group 346: George Sonto High School (Mathematics)

Group 347: Bester Birds an Animal Zoo Park ( Mongoose enclosure)

Group 349: Dundee Adult Care Centre for the Intellectually Disabled

Group 350: KTG:  Soshanguve Secondary School (Mathematics)

Group 351: Floralise PPS (Renovation)

Group 352: Tshwane Haven

Group 353: St Teresa High School (Physical Science)

Group 356: Pretoria Dog Rescue

Group 358: Stanza Bopape Community Centre (Website)

Group 359: Husky and Romi Wolf Sanctuary (Building)

Group 361: KGS: Matthews Mangope High School

Group 362: Otjiwarongo Secondary School (Mathematics)

Group 363: Balule Nature Reserve

Group 364: Balule Nature Reserve

Group 365: Sunnyside PPS

Group 366: KGS: Soshanguve Sec School

Group 367: SAP Brooklyn (Renovation)

Group 368: SA Guide Dogs (Building project)

Group 369: Laudium Secondary School (Computer repairing)

Group 370: SAP Brooklyn (Painting)

Group 372: Sun Sparrows PPS (Renovation)

Group 373: SAP Brooklyn (Renovation)

Group 374: SAP Brooklyn (Renovation)

Group 375: NZG (DNA Model)

Group 377: Boitshoko High School (Mathematics)

Group 378: NG Jan Niemandpark (Renovation of Storeroom)

Group 379: Whispers Speech and Hearing Centre (Bike track)

Group 380: Kutumela Molefi Primary Farm School (Fence)

Group 381: Smuts House Museum

Group 382: Khamane Secondary School (Mathematics)

Group 383: Botshabelo Baby House (Building Project)

Group 384: Hatfield Precinct Clinic Garden

Group 385: Kgakoa High School (Physical Science)

Group 386: Keep that Gold Shining: Makhosini Secondary School

Group 387: Moreko Senior Secondary School (Mathematics)

Group 388: Bester Birds and Animal Zoo Park

Group 389: Smuts House Museum (Artillery restoration)

Group 390: Wollies Animal Shelter (Building project)

Group 391: Taaibos Res Project : Mosetlha Primary School

Group 392: CMR Hendrina (Renovation)

Group 394: Kruger House Museum (Renovation)

Group 395: EWB Kutumela Molefi Primary Farm School (Renovation)

Group 396: Romi and Husky Wolf Sanctuary

Group 397: Smuts House Museum (Steel roof)

Group 399: Pen Ignite

Group 400: Malatse Motsepe Secondary School

Group 402: Romi and Husky Wolf Sanctuary

Group 403: Sunnyside Primary School

Group 404: Pennies Pre-School

Group 406: Kusasalethu Comprehensive School

Group 407: EWB: Kutumela Molefi Primary Farm School (Building)

Group 408: Wollies Animal Shelter

Group 411: Campus Feral Cat project

Group 412: Wollies Animal Shelter

Group 414: Lory Park Zoo

Group 415: Fihli-LIndi Day Care (Mural)

Group 416: Ditsong Cultural Museum (Inventory museum)

Group 417: Alma LSEN School (Reading corners)

Group 418: JuniorTukkie

Group 419: Louis Botha Children's Home

Group 421: Pretoria Dog Rescue

Group 422: Laerskool Meyerspark (Repainting)

Group 425: Lory Park Zoo (Enrichment projects)

Group 426: JuniorTukkie (Career guidance)

Group 427: EBIT II (Career guidance)

Group 429: Lory Park Zoo (Edutainment signage)

Group 432: Thornhill Primary School (Library)

Group 433: JuniorTukkie

Group 434: Pen Ignite (Computer repairing)

Group 437: St Francis Catholic Academy (Mathematics)

Group 439: Sumbandila (Teaching learners how to use micro bits)

Group 440: Pretoria Art Museum

Group 441: Msinga High School (Mathematics)

Group 442: MUCPP Clinic

Group 444: Boschkop Primary Farm School (Renovation)

Group 445: Johannesburg Military Museum 

Group 446: Ditsong Pioneer Museum (Inventory list)

Group 447: Lory Park Zoo (Leopard Platform)

Group 448: MRYE (Career guidance)

Group 449: SPCA (Witbank)

Group 450: Sunnyside Pre-primary School

Group 453: Botsanang Day Care Centre

Group 454: NG Wonderboompoort Library (Electronic database)

Group 455: Stabilis Treatment Centre (Renovation)

Group 456: Koster Gekombineerde Skool (Maintenance)

Group 457: Giyani High School (Mathematics)

Group 458: Fora (Renovation and building)

Group 459: Mothwa Haven (Renovation)

Group 460: Golang Day Care Centre

Group 461: Susan Strijdom Old Age Home (Vegetable garden)

Group 464: Chisawani Primary School (Renovation)

Group 465: Computer training (Mamelodi)

Group 466: JuniorTukkie

Group 467: Mamone Science Centre

Group 468: Nomsa High School (Mathematics)

Group 469: Hlalakahle High School (Mathematics)

Group 472: SPCA (Booysens) (Cat run)

Group 473: Bulawayo Bridge Club

Group 474: EBIT II (Career guidance)

Group 475: EBIT II (Career guidance)

Group 477: EBIT II (Career guidance)

Group 478: Makhulong child and youth care centre

Group 479: Samancor Community Training Centre (Aquaponic system)

Group 480: Sunnyside Primary School Afterschool Care

Group 482:  Siyaphila Youth Empowerment Project

Group 483: Sundra Primary School (Renovation)

Group 484: Fihli-Link Pre-School (Mural)

Group 485: Thuthuka Youth Campaign website

Group 486: East Rand Protective Workshop (Renovation)

Group 487: Rankala J Creche (Jungle gym)

Group 489: Fihli-Link Pre-School

Group 490: EBIT II (Career guidance)

Group 491: Gugulethu Pre-School (Renovation)

Group 492: Mamelodi Initiative

Group 495: Weskoppies Hospital (Renovation)

Group 496: Benjamin Generation

Group 498: Eleos/Smile

Group 499: NZG: Renovation

Group 501: Laerskool Meyerspark (Painting of games)

Group 502: Norkem Park Primary School (Wifi system)

Group 504: Wollies Animal Shelter

Group 505: Wollies Animal Shelter

Group 506: Computer training Hatfield

Group 507: D'Afrique Fairtrade Foundation

Group 508: His Blessing Day Care

Group 509: Bester Birds and Animal Zoo Park (Serval cat enclosure)

Group 510: CANSA Polokwane Care Centre

Group 513: Kay-Kay Day Care (Mural)

Group 514: SPCA(White River)

Group 515: SPCA (Centurion)

Group 516: Floralise Nursery School (Maintenance)

Group 520: Harmoniehof (Renovation)

Group 526: Wetnose (Renovation)

Group 527: JuniorTukkie

Group 528: Computer training (Mamelodi)






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