YouTubes 2018

Please view the YouTubes of the projects for 2018:

(Communities and students gave permission that these video's may be viewed by public)

 Group 1: Wollies Animal Shelter

Group 2: Computer training (Mamelodi)

Group 3: Mafube Project (Awareness campaign)

Group 4: SPCA (Tshwane)

Group 6: Smuts House Museum (Scanning of newsclippings)

Group 7: Whispers Speech and Hearing Centre (Renovation)

Group 8: Pretoria Secondary School (Computer repairing)

Group 9: Lory Park Zoo (Stage)

Group 11: Career guidance

Group 12: Jakaranda Children's Home (Renovation)

Group 13: SAP Brooklyn (Renovation)

Group 14: Eskom Expo

Group 15: Swartkop Air Force Museum (Renovation)

Group 18: Bunny Khosa High School (Physical Science)

Group 19: Husky and Romi Wolf Sanctuary (Group 1)

Group 20: Husky Romi Rescue and Wolf Sanctuary (Building)

Group 21: Pretoria Dog Rescue (Fence)

Group 22: SAP Brooklyn (Renovation)

Group 23: Laudium Secondary School (Computer centre)

Group 24: CVO Bloemfontein (Renovation)

Group 25: Vulpro (Renovation)

Group 26: Computer training (Mamelodi)

Group 27: Pretoria Secondary School (Computer repairing)

Group 28: Smuts House Museum (Renovation)

Group 29: Balebogeng Primary School/N'Wa Vanagni Primary School (Website)

Group 30: Irene Concentration Camp Cemetary (Information boards)

Group 31: NZG: Repairing benches

Group 32: Rock of Hope (Renovation)

Group 33: SAP Brooklyn Police Station (Renovation)

Group 35: iKhethelo Children's Village

Group 36: Lory Park Zoo (Cockatoo enclosure) 

Group 37: World Choir Games

Group 39: EWB:Kutumela Molefi Primary Farm School (Renovation)

Group 40: Cats9Lives

Group 41: Beauty Day Care (Renovation)

Group 42: Sunnyside Pre-Primary School (Tekki Tots)

Group 43: Geelhout Secondary School

Group 44: Owl Rescue (Renovation)

Group 45: SPCA (Waltloo) (Building)

Group 46: African Havens (Renovation)

Group 47: Die Toekoms Tuiste Forster Care Home (Renovation)

Group 48: Eersterust Secondary School (Computer repair)

Group 49: The Open Door Crisis Care Centre (Renovation/computer skills)

Group 50: Computer training (Mamelodi)

Group 51: Care for Wild (Building)

Group 52: Masiza High School (Computer lab)

Group 54: Stars Mentorship Programme

Group 55: Giving in heels (Renovation/Web/Program)

Group 56: DH Peta Secondary School (Mathematics)

Group 57: Phumzile Secondary School (Mathematics)

Group 58: SAP Brooklyn (Renovation)

Group 59: Snipper Snip Nursery School and Creche (Renovation)

Group 60: Hope of Nations Day Care (Renovation)

Group 61: Smuts House Museum (Inventory list)

Group 62: Marietjie LSEN School (Renovation)

Group 63: Husky Rescue (Renovation)

Group 64: Husky Rescue (Renovation)

Group 65: Kromdraai Community Centre (Building)

Group 66: Lory Park Zoo (Puzzle feeder for gibbon)

Group 67: Wetnose (Renovation)

Group 68: Smuts House Museum (Inventory list)

Group 69: SAP Brooklyn (Renovation)

Group 70: Kitten Corner (Building)

Group 71: Lessons4Life (Jungle gym)

Group 72: Mohumi Secondary School (Mathematics and Science) 

Group 73: Lory Park Zoo (Various)

Group 74: Computer training (Mamelodi)

Group 75: Swartkop Air Force Museum (Renovation)

Group 76: Swartkop Air Force Museum (Restoration)

Group 77: Swartkop Air Force Museum (Restoration)

Group 78: Swartkop Air Force Museum (Restoration)

Group 79: Swartkop Air Force Museum (Restoration)

Group 80: Swartkop Air Force Museum (Restoration)

Group 81: Swartkop Air Force Museum (Restoration)

Group 82: Swartkop Air Force Museum (Restoration)

Group 83: Swartkop Air Force Museum (Restoration)

Group 84: 

Baranuka Secondary School (Mathematics)

Group 85: Future Achievers Academy (Renovation)

Group 86: NZG: Giant Jenga Set 

Group 89: Grace and Mercy Day Care (Renovation)

Group 90: Sunnyside Orphanage (Renovation)

Group 91: Doxa Deo Edendale Independent School (Website)

Group 92: Soshangana High School (Mathematics and Science)

Group 93: Bramley Children's Home (Renovation)

Group 94: Smuts House Museum (Scanning of photos)

Group 95: Ditsong Pioneers Museum (Repainting of games)

Group 97: Miami Pre-school (Jyngle gym and sand pit)

Group 98: HAWS

Group 100: Brooklyn Situla Centre

Group 101: Smuts House Museum (Renovation)

Group 103: Beauty Day Care (Renovation)

Group 104: Mbalenhle FET school (Library)

Group 105:

Noordeland High School (Various)

Group 107: Weskoppies Hospital (Renovation)

Group 108: Vastfontein Community Centre (Renovation)

Group 109: Lory Park Zoo (Lion Platform)

Group 110: Weskoppies Hospital (Renovation)

Group 111 and 112: Dynamic women for children daycare (Jungle gym)

Group 113: Louis Botha Children's Home (Greenhouse) 

Group 114: EBIT I (Career guidance)

Group 115: EBIT I (Career guidance)

Group 116: Keep That Gold Shining: Shoshaguve High School

Group 117: Laerskool Nellie Swart (Renovation)

Group 118: Laerskool Meyerspark (Renovation)

Group 119: Kay Kay Day Care (Renovation)

Group 120: Lig Kinderbediening (Development of games)

Group 122: Lory Park Zoo 

Group 123: SPCA (Centurion)

Group 124: EBIT I (Career guidance)

Group 125: Lory Park (Cockatoo night room)

Group 127 NZG (Cat traps)

Group 129: Boschkop Primary Farm School (Computer lab)

Group 130: Computer repairing

Group 131: Lory Park Zoo (Renovation)

Group 132: Wetnose (Renovation)

Group 133: KTG Soshanguve Secondary School (Mathematics and Science)

Group 135: KTG Makhosini Combined Secondary School (Mathematics and Science)

Group 136: Friends of Free Wildlife (Building)

Group 137: Pen Ignite

Group 138: SPCA (Waltloo)

Group 140: Harmoniehof (Various)

Group 141: Orchards Early Learning Centre

Group 143: Orhovelani high School (Mathematics)

Group 144: EBIT I (Career guidance)

Group 145: Leeuwfontein Primary Farm School

Group 146: Smuts house museum/Young talent Nursery School

Group 147:

Holeka Secondary School

Group 148: Pretoria Secondary School (Mathematics)

Group 149: Mozart Academy (Renovation)

Group 150: Wetnose (Renovation)

Group 151: Leeuwfontein Primary Farm School (Benches)

Group 152: Laudium Cancer Care (Website)

Group 153: Mamelodi Initiative (Mathematics)

Group 154: Eveline High School

Group 155: Boschkop Primary Farm School (Renovation)

Group 156: Computer training (Mamelodi computers)

Group 157: Orchards Day Care 

Group 158: N'Wa Vangani Primary School (Renovation)

Group 160: HAWS

Group 161: Kay Kay Day Care (Mural)

Group 162: Laerskool Nellie Swart (Renovation)

Group 164: Sunnyside Pre-Primary School (Jungle Gym)

Group 165: Husky and Romi Wolf Sanctuary (Group 2) 

Group 166: Pretoria Secondary School (Computer repairing)

Group 167: Olienhout Frog Pond 

Group 168: Smuts House Museum (Inventory list)

Group 170: Star College Outreach Project (Mathematics and Science)

Group 171: Fihli-Lindi Pre-school (Renovation)

Group 172: Jehovah Jireh Orphanage  Renovation)

Group 173: NZG: Nest boxes for cockatoos

Group 174: Orchards Early Learning and Daycare (Renovation)

Group 175: KTG: Soshanguve Secondary School (Mathematics)

Group 176: Owl Rescue (Building)

Group 177: NZG: Digital Scanning and editing of paintings

Group 178: Elandshoek (Enviro Loo)

Group 179: Eskom Expo (Adjudicating)

Group 180: Gerdau community (Benches)

Group 181:

SAYEP (Mathematics)

Group 182: Hlokomela Herb Garden Deck 

Group 183: KTG:

Botse Botse Secondary School (Mathematics)

Group 184: NZG: Live Bird Trap

Group 185: Malkerns Valley Primary School (Library)

Group 186: Stars mentorship Programme

Group 187: Stars Mentorship Program

Group 189: Stars Mentorship Programme

Group 192: Chrysalis Pre-school (Renovation)

Group 193: KTG: Makhosini High School (Mathematics)

Group 194: EBIT I (Career guidance)

Group 195; KTG Soshanguve Secondary School

Group 196: Prinshof LSEN School (Building)

Group 197: KTG: Soshanguve Secondary School (Mathematics)

Group 198: Choc Foundation (Games for children)

Group 199: Floralise PPS (Tekki Tots)

Group 201: Monument of Christ Learning Centre (Renovation)

Group 202: Sunnyside Primary School (Renovation)

Group 203: Prosperitus High School (Computer repair)

Group 204: JuniorTukkie

Group 205: KTG:

Botse Botse Secondary School (Mathematics)

Group 208: HTS Pretoria Tuine (Science)

Group 209 SPCA Waltloo (Renovation)

Group 210: Ditsong Pioneer Museum (Renovation)

Group 211: Computer training (Mamelodi)

Group 212: Echo House Farm (Building project)

Group 213: Tswelopele Day Care (Renovation)

Group 214: Sesiyabonga Technical High School (Mathematics)

Group 215: Tswelopele Creche (Renovation)

Group 216: NZG: Repairing benches

Group 217: SAP Brooklyn (Garden)

Group 218: Lory Park Zoo (Selfie frame)

Group 219: Entrepreneurship course

Group 221: Laerskool Queenswood

Group 222: Lory Park Zoo (Puzzle feeders)

Group 223: Smuts House Museum (Renovation)

Group 224: Sefikeng Primary School (Science lessons)

Group 225: Hillview High School (Computer fixing)

Group 226: Mampudi Primary School (Administration)

Group 227: Sunnyside Pre-Primary School (Renovation)

Group 230: Rietfontein North Primary School (Benches)

Group 231: Rietfontein North Primary School (Benches)

Group 232: Kutumela Molefi Primary Farm School (Renovation)

Group 234: SAP Brooklyn (Renovation)

Group 235: Koos Matli Primary School (Renovation)

Group 236: Staatspresident CR Swart (Mathematics)

Group 237: Wollies animal shelter

Group 238: Sunnyside

Orphnage (Mural)

Group 239: Rotary Leadership Camp

Group 240; Basic grinding course

Group 241: Pretoria School (Renovation)

Group 242: Laerskool Nellie Swart (Renovation)

Group 243: Ditsong National Museum of Military History

Group 245: NZG painting of murals

Group 246: JuniorTukkie (Beroepsvoorligting)

Group 247: Smuts House Museum

Group 248: Laerskool Wonderboom-Suid (Renovation)

Group 249: Salem Pre-School

Group 250: Tshwane Have (Renovation)

Group 251: Wollies Animal Shelter

Group 252: SPCA (Tshwane)

Group 253: Stabilis treatment Centre 

Group 254: Tsako Thabo Secondary School (Website)

Group 255: Ukuqonda Institute (Mathematics)

Group 260: KTG: Soshanguve Secondary School (Mathematics/Physical Science/Accounting)

Group 261: Ikaya Nothando House of Safety (Renovation)

Group 263: Die Kinderwerf (Renovation)

Group 264: Skills transferring (Water and electricity)

Group 267: Tswelopele Day Care (Website)

Group 268: LatWiel (Renovation)

Group 269:

Morarela Primary School (Renovating)

Group 270: Laerskool Meyerspark Primary School (Renovation)

Group 271: Centurion German Shepard Dog Club (Building)

Group 272: T-bussie Kleuterskool en Dagsorg (Renovation)

Group 273: Northview High School (Mathematics)

Group 274: Computer training (Mamelodi)

Group 275: Elandspoort High School (Renovation) 

Group 276: Jacaranda Primary School (Renovation0

Group 279: Computer repairing

Group 280: Kay Kay Day Care (Mural)

Group 382: Ditsong Pioneer Museum 

Group 283: SPCA (Randburg) (Building)

Group 284: Laerskool Queenswood (Renovation)

Group 285: Mamone Science Centre 

Group 286: Kay Kay Day Care (Reading corner)

Group 287: Central Islamic (Mathematics) 

Group 288: Crow - Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife (Dassie rock wall)

Group 289: Leeuwfontein Primary Farm School (Renovation)

Group 291: Valley Academy (Ping pong table and soccer post)

Group 292: Husky Rescue (Renovation)

Group 294: Laerskool Queenswood (Painting of games)

Group 295: Elukhanyisweni High School (Mathematics)

Group 296: Thembalethu Day Care Centre

Group 297: Floralise PPS (Painting project)

Group 299: Middelburg Care Village (Renovation)

Group 300; Young talent pre-school (Renovation) 

Group 301: Echibini Secondary School (Chess boards)

Group 303: SAP Brooklyn

Group 305: SPCA (Tshwane) (Renovation)

Group 306: Whispers Speech and Hearing Centre (Renovation)

Group 307: Lory Park Zoo (Selfie frame)

Group 308: Lekker Laggies Naskool (Building)

Group 309: Zama High School (Mathematics)

Group 310; Dihlabakela Secondary School (Mathematics)

Group 311: Pen Ignite (Homework project)

Group 314: Smuts House Museum (Inventory list)

Group 316: FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation KZN (Building)

Group 312: Computer training (Mamelodi)

Group 319: Beauty Day Care (Reading Corner)

Group 320: Victory Park Combined Park School (Renovation)

Group 321: Tshwane Leadership Foundation (Computer lab)

Group 322: Lebone stimulation centre (Mural)

Group 323: Hatfield CID App

Group 324: Sun Sparrow PPS (Sensory path)

Group 325 Pen Ignite

Group 326: Sobantu Secondary School

Group 328: Grace and Mercy Pre School and Day Care

Group 329: The Ukuqonda Institute (Mathematics)

Group 330: Leboni Stimulation Centre (Mural)

Group 331: Prosperitas Secondary School (Computer lab)

Group 332: Angel Academy Day Care (website)

Group 335: Alvye Day Care

Group 337: Grace and Mercy Day Care (Renovation)

Group 338: Harmoniehof

Group 339: Siphosenkosi Disability Centre

Group 340: Get ready Centre

Group 341: Stacy's Day Care

Group 342: Eskom Expo

Group 343: Fora (Buiding project)

Group 344: Laerskool Meyerspark (Painting)

Group 345: Sunnyside primary school

Group 346: Jakaranda Children's Home (Renovation)

Group 348: Angel Academy Day Care (Renovation)

Group 349: The almond tree/Family search 

Group 350: Mafadi Academy (Mathematics)

Group 351: Unity College (Renovation)

Group 352: Lory Park Zoo (Leopard enclosure/bin protectors)

Group 353: Dalpark Secondary School

Group 354: Tshwane Haven (Renovation)

Group 355: Sunnyside Primary School (Renovation)

Group 356: Tshwane Haven (Renovation)

Group 357: Chrysalis Preschool (Renovation)

Group 358: Zama Zama Pre-school of Hope

Group 359: Smuts House Museum (Renovation)

Group 360: Phuthanang Home (Renovation)

Group 362: Witbank High School (Mathematics)

Group 363: The little ones come to me Nursery School

Group 364: Hlotse High School (Mathematics)

Group 366: Khomanani High School (Mathematics)

Group 368: Smuts House Museum (Inventory list)

Group 371: Zivuko Senior Secondary School (Mathematics)

Group 372 Matladi Project High School

Group 373: Lory Park Insect hotel

Group 375: Itireleng Old Age Home and Pudimoe Learning Centre

Group 376: Smuts house museum

Group 378: Computer training

Group 379: Hands of Hope (Various)

Group 383: Computer training (Mamelodi)

Group 386: Maishiba Disabled Centre

Group 387: Abba House (Toddler bed)

Group 390: Sunnyside Pre-Primary School 

Group 391: EBIT II (Career guidance)

Group 392: EBIT II (Career guidance)

Group 393: EBIT II (Career guidance)

Group 394: Scouts Camp

Group 396: EBIT I (Career guidance)

Group 397: EBIT II (Career guidance)

Group 399: Kutumela Molefi Primary Farm School (Renovation)

Group 400: Pretoria Primary School (Library)

Group 401: Latwiel

Group 402: Lory Park Zoo (Transport box for Lizard)

Group 403: SAP Brooklyn (Renovation)

Group 404: Lory Park Zoo

Group 407: Floralise PPS (Renovation)

Group 408: EBIT II (Career guidance)

Group 409: Grace and Mercy Day Care

Group 410: Happy Kidz (Tekki Tots)

Group 411: Tukkie Empowerment

Group 412: Sunnyside Primary School (Renovation)

Group 413: Lory Park Zoo

Group 415: Barnaviya Day Care (Renovation)

Group 416: EBIT II (Career guidance)

Group 418: Centurion swim school (Safety video)

Group 419: PEN recycling project

Group 420: JuniorTukkie

Group 421: Jaffa Old Age Home (Renovation)

Group 422: SPCA (Kempton Park)

Group 426: Eskom Expo

Group 427: JuniorTukkie - mentorship

Group 429: Happy Kidz (Renovation)

Group 431: Hofmeyr High School (Computer repair)

Group 432: Leader Christian Academy (Renovation)

Group 433: Princess Alice Adoption Home (Renovation)

Group 434: Grace and Mercy Day Care (Tekki Tots)

Group 435: World Choir Festival

Group 436: Bramley Children's Home (Renovation)

Group 438: Tshwane Haven

Group 440: Orchards Day Care (Website)

Group 441: The Linx LSEN School (Renovation)

Group 442: Sunnyside Primary School Afterschool Care

Group 443: EBIT II

Group 444: Computer training (Mamelodi)

Group 447: Eskom Expo

Group 448: Sunnyside Primary School After School Care




- Author Martina Jordaan


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