Honours Programme

BScHons in Chemistry (Code 02240123)

a. Admission requirements
An appropriate BSc degree with at least 60% for Chemistry at 300-level.

b. Duration of programme
The programme normally extends over one year for full-time students. The curriculum comprises an advanced study of the four major fields of chemistry.

c. Closing date for applications
Applications for 2023 have closed. Prospective 2024 students must apply for admission online before 31 August and will be notified of the outcome by 15 December. Details of the curriculum and the contents of the different modules can be viewed on the University web page under Yearbooks. You can also download the BSc Hons (Chemistry) prospectus attached at the bottom of the page.

d. Pass requirements:
A final mark of 50% for each module. To continue to a second semester, a minimum of 40% is required in each module in the first semester. The registration of students who do not meet this requirement will be terminated at the end of the first semester.

e. Programme composition




CMY 706

Analytical chemistry A 706


CMY 707

Analytical chemistry B 707


CMY 708

Organic chemistry A 708


CMY 708

Organic chemistry B 709


CMY 714

Inorganic chemistry A 714


CMY 715

Inorganic chemistry B 715


CMY 716

Physical chemistry A 716


CMY 717

Physical chemistry A 717


CMY 718

Organic / Inorganic Project 718


CMY 719

Analytical / Physical Project 719


CMY 730

Advanced practical techniques 730


Total credits required: 


For more information on each module go to the Yearbook on the University website, go to the Faculty, then Honours, look for the chemistry programme and click on the module name listed on the curriculum page.

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