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Estefan van Vuuren, Frederick P. Malan, Werner Cordier, Margo Nell, and Marilé Landman
Self-Isomerized–Cyclometalated Rhodium NHC Complexes as Active Catalysts in the Hydrosilylation of Internal Alkynes
Organometallics, 2022 41 (3), 187-200,


G. Geldenhuys, M. Wattrus, P.B.C. Forbes
Gas and particle phase polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon emission factors from a diesel vehicle engine: Effect of operating modes in a developing country context,
Atmospheric Environment: X, Volume 13, 2022, 100158,


Kabwe, K. P., Nsibande, S. A., Lemmer, Y., Pilcher, L. A.Forbes, P. B.C.,
Synthesis and characterisation of quantum dots coupled to mycolic acids as a water-soluble fluorescent probe for potential lateral flow detection of antibodies and diagnosis of tuberculosis
Luminescence 2022, 37( 2), 278.


du Toit, G.; van der Merwe, E.M.; Kruger, R.A.; McDonald, J.M.; Kearsley, E.P.
Characterisation of the Hydration Products of a Chemically and Mechanically Activated High Coal Fly Ash Hybrid Cement.
Minerals 2022, 12, 157.


Bianca R. Gevers, Emil Roduner, Frederick J. W. J. Labuschagné
Towards understanding photon absorption and emission in MgAl layered double hydroxide
Mater. Adv., 2022,3, 962-977,


Schoenfuss, H.L., Propper, C.R., Kolok, A.S., Forbes, P.B.C.
Terra (Aqua) Incognita: Knowledge Gaps in Global Ecotoxicology,
Environ Toxicol Chem, Volume 41 (2), 245-246, 2022,


Adeola, A.O. and Forbes, P.B.,
Antiretroviral Drugs in African Surface Waters: Prevalence, Analysis, and Potential Remediation.
Environ Toxicol Chem, 41: 247-262, 2022,


Emil Roduner, Tjaart P.J. Krüger,
The origin of irreversibility and thermalization in thermodynamic processes,
Physics Reports, Volume 944, 2022, Pages 1-43,


Mmushi M. Moeng, Frederick P. Malan, Simon Lotz, Daniela I. Bezuidenhout,
Fischer carbene complexes of cobalt(I): Synthesis and structure,
Journal of Molecular Structure, Volume 1252, 2022,


Adedapo O. Adeola & Patricia B.C. Forbes
Assessment of reusable graphene wool adsorbent for the simultaneous removal of selected 2–6 ringed polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from aqueous solution,
Environmental Technology, 43:8, 1255-1268, 2022,


Duma, Z.G.; Dyosiba, X.; Moma, J.; Langmi, H.W.; Louis, B.; Parkhomenko, K.; Musyoka, N.M.
Thermocatalytic Hydrogenation of CO2 to Methanol Using Cu-ZnO Bimetallic Catalysts Supported on Metal–Organic Frameworks. 
Catalysts (2022), 12, 401.


Invernizzi, L., Moyo, P., Cassel, J., Maharaj, V, et al.
Use of hyphenated analytical techniques to identify the bioactive constituents of Gunnera perpensa L., a South African medicinal plant, which potently inhibit SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein–host ACE2 binding.
Anal Bioanal Chem (2022).


N. C. Neyt, C. J. van der Westhuizen, J. Panayides and D. L. Riley,
Design and testing of an ozonolysis reactor module with on-the-fly ozone degassing under flow conditions
React. Chem. Eng., 2022, Advance Article ,


Cukrowski, Ignacy, George Dhimba, and Darren L. Riley
A Molecular-Wide and Electron Density-Based Approach in Exploring Chemical Reactivity and Explicit Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) Solvent Molecule Effects in the Proline Catalyzed Aldol Reaction
Molecules (2022) 27, no. 3: 962.


C. Johan van der Westhuizen, André Stander, Darren L. Riley, and Jenny-Lee Panayides
Discovery of Novel Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors by Virtual Screening, In Vitro Screening, and Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (2022) 62 (6), 1550-1572,


Mabasa, L.; Kotze, A.; Shabalala, S.; Kimani, C.; Gabuza, K.; Johnson, R.; Sangweni, N.F.; Maharaj, V.; Muller, C.J.F. Sclerocarya birrea (Marula)
Extract Inhibits Hepatic Steatosis in db/db Mice.
Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2022, 19, 3782.


Tshifhiwa Ramabulana, Musawenkosi Ndlovu, Rebamang A. Mosa, Molahlehi S. Sonopo, and Mamoalosi A. Selepe
Phytochemical Profiling and Isolation of Bioactive Compounds from Leucosidea sericea (Rosaceae)
ACS Omega 2022 7 (14), 11964-11972,


Ngwenya, T.; Nombona, N.; Shozi, M.
Synthesis and Characterization of Supported Pd Catalysts for Potential Application in Glycerol Electro-Oxidation. 
Catalysts 2022, 12, 192.


Adeola, A.O., Nsibande, S.A., Osano, A.M., Forbes, P.B.C., Naudé, Y. et al.
Analysis of gaseous polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon emissions from cooking devices in selected rural and urban kitchens in Bomet and Narok counties of Kenya.
Environ Monit Assess 194, 435 (2022).


Cukrowski I.
A unified molecular-wide and electron density based concept of chemical bonding.
WIREs Comput Mol Sci. 2022;12:e1579.


Nape, I., Singh, K., Klug, A., Forbes, A., Forbes, P., Kritzinger, A et al.
Revealing the invariance of vectorial structured light in complex media.
Nat. Photon. 16, 538–546 (2022).


Tembeni, B.; Sciorillo, A.; Invernizzi, L.; Klimkait, T.; Urda, L.; Moyo, P.; Naidoo-Maharaj, D.; Levitties, N.; Gyampoh, K.; Zu, G.; Yuan, Z.; Mounzer, K.; Nkabinde, S.; Nkabinde, M.; Gqaleni, N.; Tietjen, I.; Montaner, L.J.; Maharaj, V.
HPLC-Based Purification and Isolation of Potent Anti-HIV and Latency Reversing Daphnane Diterpenes from the Medicinal Plant Gnidia sericocephala (Thymelaeaceae).
Viruses 2022, 14, 1437.


Bodede, O.; More, G.K.; Moodley, R.; Steenkamp, P.; Baijnath, H.; Maharaj, V.; Prinsloo, G. New Alk(en)ylhydroxycyclohexanes with Tyrosinase Inhibition Potential from Harpephyllum caffrum Bernh. Gum Exudate.
Molecules 2022, 27, 3839.


Mariscal Brice Tchatat Tali, Darline Dize, Steven Collins Njonte Wouamba, Patrick Valere Tsouh Fokou, Rodrigue Keumoe, Cyrille Njanpa Ngansop, Michelle Sidoine Nguembou Njionhou, Cedric Derick Jiatsa Mbouna, Lauve Rachel Yamthe Tchokouaha, Vinesh Maharaj, Ndivhuwo Kevin Khorommbi, Dashnie Naidoo-Maharaj, Jean Claude Tchouankeu, Fabrice Fekam Boyom
In vitro antiplasmodial activity-directed investigation and UPLC–MS fingerprint of promising extracts and fractions from Terminalia ivorensis A. Chev. and Terminalia brownii Fresen.,
Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 296, 2022,  


Danquah, C.A.; Minkah, P.A.B.; Agana, T.A.; Moyo, P.; Ofori, M.; Doe, P.; Rali, S.; Osei Duah Junior, I.; Amankwah, K.B.; Somuah, S.O.; Nugbemado, I.N.; Maharaj, V.J.; Bhakta, S.; Gibbons, S.
The Phytochemistry and Pharmacology of Tulbaghia, Allium, Crinum and Cyrtanthus: ‘Talented’ Taxa from the Amaryllidaceae.
Molecules 2022, 27, 4475.


Sephora Mutombo Mianda, Luke Invernizzi, Mariëtte E. van der Watt, Janette Reader, Phanankosi Moyo, Lyn-Marié Birkholtz, Vinesh J. Maharaj
In vitro dual activity of Aloe marlothii roots and its chemical constituents against Plasmodium falciparum asexual and sexual stage parasites,
Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 297, 2022,


Dehouche, N., Kaci, M., Focke, W. W., Van Der Merwe, L
Accelerated Photo-Oxidation of Polyamide 11 Nanocomposites under Various Clays Nanofillers. 
Macromol. Symp. 2022, 404, 2100352.


Gugu Kubheka, Adedapo O. Adeola and Patricia B. C. Forbes
Hexadecylamine functionalised graphene quantum dots as suitable nano-adsorbents for phenanthrene removal from aqueous solution
RSC Adv., 2022, 12, 23922-23936, DOI: 10.1039/D2RA04641E (Paper)


K. P. Kabwe, S. A. Nsibande, L. A. Pilcher, P. B. C. Forbes
Development of a mycolic acid-graphene quantum dot probe as a potential tuberculosis biosensor
Luminescence 2022, 37(11), 1881,


Mamoalosi A. Selepe, Phaladi Kunyane, Pule Seboletswe, Shankari Nair, Nosipho Cele, Monique Engelbrecht, Daniël F. Joubert, Charlot Vandevoorde, Parvesh Singh, Molahlehi S. Sonopo
Synthesis and evaluation of benzoylbenzofurans and isoflavone derivatives as sirtuin 1 inhibitors with antiproliferative effects on cancer cells
Bioorganic Chemistry, Volume 128, 2022, 106101, ISSN 0045-2068,


Lesego Malepea, Derek Tantoh Ndinteha, Patrick Ndungu and Messai Adenew Mamo
Selective detection of methanol vapour from a multicomponent gas mixture using a CNPs/ZnO@ZIF-8 based room temperature solid-state sensor
RSC Adv., 2022, 12, 27094–27108,


Duma, Z.G.; Moma, J.; Langmi, H.W.; Louis, B.; Parkhomenko, K.; Musyoka, N.M.
Towards High CO2 Conversions Using Cu/Zn Catalysts Supported on Aluminum Fumarate Metal-Organic Framework for Methanol Synthesis.
Catalysts 2022, 12, 1104.


Ané Kritzinger, Valeria Rodríguez-Fajardo, Sifiso A. Nsibande, Patricia B. C.
, Andrew Forbes
A vectorial structured light holographic optical trap for control of fluorescent particles
Proc. SPIE 12152, Mesophotonics: Physics and Systems at Mesoscale, 121520A (24 May 2022);


Buyens, D.M.S.; Pilcher, L.A.; Cukrowski, I.
Coordination Sites for Sodium and Potassium Ions in Nucleophilic Adeninate Contact ion-Pairs: A Molecular-Wide and Electron Density-Based (MOWED) Perspective.
Molecules 2022, 27, 6111.


Kornelius, G., Forbes, P., Fischer, T., & Govender, M.
Determination of country-specific greenhouse gas emission factors for South African liquid and gaseous fuels.
Journal of Energy in Southern Africa, 2022, 33(3), 1–11.


Cukrowski, I.; Dhimba, G.; Riley, D.L.
A Molecular-Wide and Electron Density Based Approach in Exploring Chemical Reactivity and Explicit Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) Solvent Molecule Effects in the Proline Catalysed Aldol Reaction.
Molecules 2022, 27, 962.,


Kritzinger, A., Forbes, A. & Forbes, P.B.C.
Optical trapping and fluorescence control with vectorial structured light. 
Sci Rep 12, 17690 (2022).


Abdalla, M.A.; Famuyide, I.; Wooding, M.; McGaw, L.J.; Mühling, K.H.
Secondary Metabolite Profile and Pharmacological Opportunities of Lettuce Plants Following Selenium and Sulfur Enhancement.
Pharmaceutics 2022, 14, 2267.


Nicole C. Neyt, C. Johan van der Westhuizen, Jenny-Lee Panayides and Darren L. Riley
Design and testing of an ozonolysis reactor module with on-the-fly ozone degassing under flow conditions
React. Chem. Eng., 2022, 7, 1718-1727,


C. Johan van der Westhuizen, André Stander, Darren L. Riley, and Jenny-Lee Panayides
Discovery of Novel Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors by Virtual Screening, In Vitro Screening, and Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 2022 62 (6), 1550-1572,


C. Johan van der Westhuizen, Jurie du Toit, Nicole Neyt, Darren Riley and Jenny-Lee Panayides
Use of open-source software platform to develop dashboards for control and automation of flow chemistry equipment
Digital Discovery, 2022, 1, 596-604,


M. C. N. Ngwem, J. C. Kemmegne-Mbouguen, H. W. Langmi, N. M. Musyoka, R. Mokaya
Electrochemical Sensor for Ascorbic Acid, Acetaminophen and Nitrite Based on Organoclay/Zr-MOF Film Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode
ChemistrySelect 2022, 7, e202202308.


Dennis Simbarashe Moyo, António Benjamim Mapossa, Melanie Rademeyer, Elizabet Margaretha van der Merwe, Walter Wilhelm Focke
TGA investigation of the volatilisation of fipronil at elevated temperatures
Thermochimica Acta, Volume 718, 2022, 179379, ISSN 0040-6031,


Roderick T. Stark, Dominic R. Pye, Wenyi Chen, Oliver J. Newton, Benjamin J. Deadman, Philip W. Miller, Jenny-Lee Panayides, Darren L. Riley, Klaus Hellgardt and King Kuok (Mimi) Hii
Assessing a sustainable manufacturing route to lapatinib
React. Chem. Eng., 2022, 7, 2420-2426,


Khunoana, E.T.; Eloff, J.N.; Ramadwa, T.E.; Nkadimeng, S.M.; Selepe, M.A.; McGaw, L.J.
In Vitro Antiproliferative Activity of Ptaeroxylon obliquum Leaf Extracts, Fractions and Isolated Compounds on Several Cancer Cell Lines.
Appl.Sci. 2022, 12, 11004.


Kariska Potgieter, Frederick P. Malan and Reinout Meijboom
IUCrData (2022). 7, x220772,


Kariska Potgieter, Frederick P. Malan, Oyekunle Azeez Alimi and Reinout Meijboom
IUCrData (2022). 7, x220771,


F. P. Malan
Structural, Electrochemical and Catalytic Elucidation of Cyclooctadiene Ru(II)-Nitrile Complexes of the Type [RuCl2(cod)(NCR)2]
ChemistrySelect 2022, 7, e202201432,


Amanda-Lee Ezra Manicum, Marietjie Schutte-Smith, Frederick P. Malan, Hendrik Gideon Visser
Steric and electronic influence of Re(I) tricarbonyl complexes with various coordinated β-diketones
Journal of Molecular Structure, Volume 1264, 2022, 133278, ISSN 0022-2860,


R. A. Adigun, F. P. Malan, M. O. Balogun, N. October
Rational Optimization of Dihydropyrimidinone-Quinoline Hybrids as Plasmodium falciparum Glutathione Reductase Inhibitors
ChemMedChem 2022, 17, e202200034,


Jairus L. Lamola, Adedapo S. Adeyinka, Frederick P. Malan, Paseka T. Moshapo, Cedric W. Holzapfela  and  Munaka Christopher Maumela
Exploring steric and electronic parameters of biaryl phosphacycles
New J. Chem., 2022,46, 4677-4686,


Audu, O., Stander, A., Ajani, O., Egieyeh, S., & October, N.
In silico design, chemical synthesis and biological screening of novel 4-(1H)-pyridone-based antimalarial agents.
Chemical Biology & Drug Design, (2022) 99, 674– 687.


Marius Balemaken Missi, Jean Noel Evina, Auguste Abouem A Zintchem, Natasha October, Angela Bona, Pontsho Moela, Patrick Hervé Betote Diboué, Dominique Serge Ngono Bikobo & Dieudonné Emmanuel Pegnyemb
Antibacterial and cytotoxic activities of undescribed cassiaric acid and other constituents from Cassiaarereh stem barks,
Natural Product Research, (2022) 36:17, 4330-4339,


Gwladys Djikam Sime, Norbert Mbabi Nyemeck II, Auguste Abouem A Zintchem, Natasha October, Marius Balemaken Missi, Rabia Farooq, Khalid Mohammed Khan, Dominique Serge Ngono Bikobo, Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary & Dieudonné Emmanuel Pegnyemb
Secondary metabolites of the leaves of Tricalysiaatherura N. Hallé (Rubiaceae) and their potential antiplasmodial activity
Natural Product Research, (2022),


Siya T. Hulushe, Frederick P. Malan, Eric C. Hosten, Kevin A. Lobb, Setshaba D. Khanye and Gareth M. Watkins
Photo-and thermoresponsive N-salicylideneaniline derivatives: solid-state studies and structural aspects
New J. Chem., 2022, 46, 20940-20950,


Maharaj, V.; Ezeofor, C.C.; Naidoo Maharaj, D.; Muller, C.J.F.; Obonye, N.J.
Identification of Antidiabetic Compounds from the Aqueous Extract of Sclerocarya birrea Leaves.
Molecules 2022, 27, 8095.


Pilcher, Lynne A.
Embedding systems thinking in tertiary chemistry for sustainability
Physical Sciences Reviews, 2022.


Rants’o TA, van Greunen DG, van der Westhuizen CJ, Riley DL, Panayides J-L, Koekemoer LL, van Zyl RL
The in silico and in vitro analysis of donepezil derivatives for Anopheles acetylcholinesterase inhibition.
PLoS ONE (2022) 17(11): e0277363.


Twilley, D.; Thipe, V.C.; Kishore, N.; Bloebaum, P.; Roma-Rodrigues, C.; Baptista, P.V.; Fernandes, A.R.; Selepe, M.A.; Langhansova, L.; Katti, K.; Lall, N.
Antiproliferative Activity of Buddleja saligna (Willd.) against Melanoma and In Vivo Modulation of Angiogenesis.
2022, 15, 1497.


Daniel T. Pretorius, Egmont Rohwer, Yvette Naudé
Identifying foliar volatile organic compounds of Plectranthus and Coleus (Lamiaceae) as predictive markers of genus using GC×GC-TOFMS and machine learning
Journal of Chromatography Open, Volume 2, 2022, 100071, ISSN 2772-3917,

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