Mamoalosi Selepe

Dr MA Selepe

Tel:                 +27 (0)12 420-2345
Email:             [email protected]
Office:            3-3.5 Chemistry building

Position:        Chief Researcher (NMR)

Academic qualification: PhD (Organic Chemistry)


Research interests

Development of new synthetic routes and total synthesis of biologically-active natural compounds;

Characterisation, structure elucidation and discovery of new drug leads from natural sources; and

LC-MS profiling of plant extracts.



Journal articles

Malefo, M.S; Ramadwa, T.E.; Famuyide, M.; McGaw, L.J.;  Eloff, J.N.;  Sonopo, M.S.; Selepe, M.A*.  Synthesis and Antifungal Activity of Chromones and Benzoxepines from the Leaves of Ptaeroxylon obliquum. Journal of Natural Products 2020, 83(8), 2508-2517             

Ramabulana, T.; Scheepers L.-M.; Moodley, T.; Maharaj, V.J.; Stander, A.; Gama, N.; Ferreira, D.;  Sonopo, M.S.; Selepe, M.A*.  Bioactive Lignans from Hypoestes aristata. Journal of Natural Products 2020, 83(8), 2483-2489

Kunyane, P; Sonopo M.S; Selepe, M.A*. Synthesis of isoflavones by tandem demethylation and ring-opening/cyclization of methoxybenzoylbenzofurans. Journal of Natural Products 2019, 82(11), 3074-308

Aro, A.O;  Dzoyem, J.P; Maurice D. Awouafack, M.D;  Selepe, M.A; Eloff, J.N; McGaw, L.J. Fractions and isolated compounds from Oxyanthus speciosus subsp. stenocarpus (Rubiaceae) have promising antimycobacterial and intracellular activity. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2019, 19:108

Moyo, P;  Kunyane, P; Selepe, M.A;  Eloff, J.N; Niemand, J;  Louw, A.I; Maharaj, V.J; Birkholtz, L-M. Bioassay-guided isolation and identifcation of gametocytocidal compounds from Artemisia afra (Asteraceae). Malaria Journal 2019, 18:65.

Selepe, M.A.; van Heerden, F. R. Application of the Suzuki-Miyaura reaction in the synthesis of flavonoids. Molecules 2013, 18(4), 4739-4765.

S.E. Drewes; M.A. Selepe; F.R. Van Heerden; R. H. Archer; D. Mitchell. Unraveling the names, origins and chemistry of “muthis” used for male sexual disorders in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. South African Journal of Botany 2013, 88, 310-316.

Selepe, M.A.; Drewes, S.E.; van Heerden, F.R. Total Synthesis of the Pyranocoumaronochromone Lupinalbin H. Tetrahedron 2011, 67, 8654-8658.

Selepe, M.A.; Drewes, S.E.; van Heerden, F.R. Total Synthesis of the Pyranoisoflavone Kraussianone 1 and Related Isoflavones. Journal of Natural Products 2010, 73(10), 16801685.

- Author Mamoalosi Selepe

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