Immune and metabolic alterations observed in HEU children

Posted on July 17, 2023

Two of our PhD students wrote a review article highlighting the immune and metabolic alterations experiences in children who are HIV-exposed but uninfected (HEU). The aim of the review was to draw attention to the immune and metabolic alterations observed in these HEU children, and to the impact of their healthcare requirements.

Read the full article: du Toit LDV, Prinsloo A, Steel HC, Feucht U, Louw R, Rossouw TM. Immune and metabolic alterations in children with perinatal HIV exposure. Viruses. 2023 Jan; 15(2):279.

The image shows the immunological and metabolic abnormalities in HEU children which lead to immune dysfunction and higher levels of inflammation, and metabolic abnormalities, as well as increased morbidity and mortality.

Abbreviations: ACP: acylcarnitine profile, ART: antiretroviral therapy, BCAA: branched-chain amino acids, CD: cluster of differentiation, CHEU: children who are HIV-exposed-but-uninfected, DN: double negative, mDC: myeloid dendritic cell NK: natural killer, ROS: reactive oxygen species, Tregs: T-regulatory cells.


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