Tanita Botha

Tanita Botha [email protected]
Position: Senior Research Consultant and Statistical Analyst
Academic qualifications: BSc Actuarial and Financial Mathematics, BSc (Hons) Mathematical Statistics, MSc Mathematical Statistics (UP)

Research interests:  Computational statistics, Biostatistics, Multivariate statistics, Entropy, Statistical inference.

My portfolio includes: Senior statistical research consultant for the Internal Statistical Consultation Services (ISCS) and the University of Pretoria focussed on research in the medical, consumer science, informatics and natural science fields, and managing a team of postgraduate students in statistical science in this consulting capacity. Statistical analyst experience in the banking, property valuation and insurance industries. Actively working on fundamental statistical research.

Current collaboration units within the University of Pretoria: 

  • Siyakhula Project and Umbriflow Project within the UP Research Centre for Maternal, Fetal, Newborn & Child Health Care Strategies.
  • Institute of Sustainable Malaria Control UP (ISMC). 
  • Sport Medicine

ORCID ID:  https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8861-4466

List of publications - primary research:

  • Botha, T.; Ferreira, J.; Bekker, A. Alternative Dirichlet Priors for Estimating Entropy Via a Power Sum Functional. Mathematics 2021, 9, 1493. https://doi.org/10.3390/ math9131493

List of publications - consultation analysis:

  • Steel, H.C., Venter, W.D., Theron, A.J., Anderson, R., Feldman, C., Kwofie, L., Cronjé, T., Arullapan, N. and Rossouw, T.M., 2018. Effects of tobacco usage and antiretroviral therapy on biomarkers of systemic immune activation in HIV-infected participants. Mediators of inflammation2018.
  • Makame, J., Cronje, T., Emmambux, N.M. and De Kock, H., 2019. Dynamic oral texture properties of selected indigenous complementary porridges used in African communities. Foods8(6), p.221.
  • Botha, A., Bezuidenhout, S., Du Plessis, L., Muller, E., Steyn, A.A., Weilbach, L., Jansen, R., Maritz, J. & Cronje, T. 2019. Implementing an Online Tool for Teamwork assessment in Real Time: A faculty initiative across disciplines. In: Remenyi, D. (ed.) The 5th e-learning Excellence awards: An Anthology of case histories 2019. ACPIL.
  • Jansen Van Rensburg, D.C., Jansen Van Rensburg, A., Fowler, P., Fullagar, H., Stevens, D., Halson, S., Bender, A., Vincent, G., Claassen-Smithers, A., Dunican, I. and Roach, G., 2020. How to manage travel fatigue and jet lag in athletes? A systematic review of interventions.
  • Leask, R., Cronje, T., Holm, D.E. & Van Ryneveld, L., 2020, ‘The impact of practical experience on theoretical knowledge at different cognitive levels’, Journal of the South African Veterinary Association 91(0), a2042
  • Pillay, L., van Rensburg, D.C.C.J., van Rensburg, A.J., Ramagole, D.A., Holtzhausen, L., Dijkstra, H.P. and Cronje, T., 2020. Nowhere to hide: The significant impact of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) measures on elite and semi-elite South African athletes. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport23(7), pp.670-679.
  • Leask, R., Cronje, T., Holm, D.E. and van Ryneveld, L., 2020. Comparing veterinary students’ performance with cut‐scores determined using a modified individual Angoff method featuring Bloom's taxonomy. Veterinary Record187(12), pp.e121-e121.
  • Hlongwane, T.M.A.G., Cronje, T., Nkosi, B.S.S. and Pattinson, R.C., 2021. The prevalence of abnormal Doppler's of the umbilical artery in a low-risk pregnant population in South Africa. EClinicalMedicine34, p.100792.
  • Janse van Rensburg, D.C., Bryant, G., Kearney, S., Singh, P., Devos, A., Jansen van Rensburg, A., Schwellnus, M.P. and Cronje, T., 2021. The epidemiology of injury and illness at the Vitality Netball World Cup 2019: an observational study. The Physician and Sportsmedicine, (in press)
  • Viljoen, C.T., van Rensburg, D.C.C.J., van Rensburg, A.J., Booysen, E., Chauke, S., Coetzee, P., Hurlimann, A., Jooste, M., Nibe, Y., Schulenburg, C. and Korkie, E., 2021. One in four trail running race entrants sustained an injury in the 12 months training preceding the 2019 SkyRun race. Physical Therapy in Sport47, pp.120-126.


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