TuksAlumni Association

The UP alumni association is called TuksAlumni Association.  The TuksAlumni Association is an association of alumni members governed by an approved constitution and an elected Alumni Board. The Alumni Relations Office at UP acts as secretariat of the Board.

The Association is involved with appointing four Convocation representatives who serve on the University Council. In this way former students can have a say in the affairs of their Alma Mater.

Regional representation and local committees

The power behind Alumni Relations is the dedicated former students who join local interest groups or contact persons in their home town or city. These groups are former students in a city or town who support Tukkies to promote the University of Pretoria.
Contact the Alumni Relations unit for more information about a local interest group in your town or city or if you are willing to assist in establishing such a group.

Goals of the TuksAlumni Association

  • To make, through appropriate representation on the UP Council and other forums, expert inputs which support the University's striving for excellence

  • To serve as an efficient communication and information tool between members, and between members and the University

  • To promote a healthy group spirit among members

  • To support the University appropriately in achieving the agreed-upon strategic goals

  • To convey a positive image of TuksAlumni



  Charter of Alumni Associations R70/18

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