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Gemeenskapsgebaseerde Projek Module (JCP)

Die Gemeenskapsgebaseerde Projek Module (JCP)

Community-based learning is a form of experiential learning with the aim at accomplishment of tasks, which meets genuine human needs, as well as the execution of the tasks that serve as an educational and learning tool aimed at the acquisition of a number of important life skills by the students.

The Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and information Technology at the University of Pretoria implemented from 2005 a new compulsory module, Community-Based Project (JCP), for all undergraduates. The eight-credit module is offered on an open-ended and project-orientated basis. The students attended compulsory orientation sessions and then submitted their projects in the form of a proposal for evaluation and approval. Only then students started with their fieldwork of at least 40 hours. After the students have done their fieldwork they report on their experiences and lessons learnt via a presentation and report in the form of a wiki on e-learning anagement system (clickUP).


2010: Die JCP-module was 'n finalis vir die MacJannet Prize for Global Citizenship.

2014: Marketing Advancement & Communication in Education (MACE) Excellence Award in the Kategorie: Integrated campaigns/projects and Subcategory: Social responsibility Citizenship Development

2015: Universiteit van Pretoria: Community Engagement Award

2015: JCP Groep 101 van 2014 se YouTube 'n finalis vir die ASEE Community Engagement Division Film Festival

2016: University Education for Transformative Leadership in Africa Mini Grant

2017: Finalis: GEDC Airbus Diversity Award

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