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The Department of Zoology and Entomology offers modules towards three majors in the Bachelor of Science programme: Ecology, Entomology and Zoology. The first and second year of each programme is similar, with students taking a broad range of modules to build a strong backgroud in the natural sciences. In the third year, students begin to specialise in their respective fields.

BSc in Ecology

This major is for students who want to understand how animals and plants interact with each other and the natural and human environment. In addition to modules on animals, students take a number of modules on plant diversity and ecology in the third year.

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BSc in Entomology

This major is for students with a fascination for insects, wanting to control insect pests of agriculture, forestry, and households, wishing to reduce transmission of vector-borne diseases, or want to become forensic entomologists, quarantine officials, or environmental consultants and managers. Topics covered are similar to those in a Zoology major, but there is a focus on insect diversity and management.

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BSc in Zoology

This major is ideal for students with a passion for the biology, diversity, and conservation of wild animals. Students cover topics including physiology, behaviour, diversity and evolution, population and community ecology, and animal conservation in the face of human disturbance and exploitation.

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Module code and name Credits Coordinator


ZEN 161 Animal diversity 8 Dr Carel Oosthuizen


ZEN 251 Invertebrate biology 12 Prof. Kerstin Krüger
ZEN 261 African vertebrates 12 Prof. Chris Chimimba


ZEN 351 Population ecology 18 Prof. P. J. Nico de Bruyn
ZEN 352 Mammalogy 18 Prof. Chris Chimimba
ZEN 353 Community ecology 18  
ZEN 354 Evolutionary physiology 18 Prof. Andrew McKechnie
ZEN 355 Insect diversity 18  
ZEN 361 Physiological processes 18 Dr Chris Weldon
ZEN 362 Evolution and phylogeny 18 Prof. Armanda Bastos
ZEN 363 Behavioural ecology 18 Prof. Christian Pirk
ZEN 364 Conservation ecology 18 Prof. Mark Robertson
ZEN 365 Applied entomology 18 Dr Heike Lutermann


- Author C. Weldon
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