Postgraduate Study Programmes

Important announcement: First meetings for 2015

Honours students
The first meeting will be on Monday, 2 February at 17:30 in Maths 2-1. Some lectures will commence already in this week.

Master's students
WTW 887 and WTW 863: Tuesday, 3 February at 14:30 in Maths 1-14
WTW 831: Wednesday, 4 February at 17:30 in Maths 1-1
WTW 832: Tentatively on Saturday, 14 February at 9:00 in Maths 2-13
WTW 881 and WTW 866: Will be announced at a later stage.

1. Postgraduate Study Programmes (plan codes in brackets)

Honours degrees:

BSc (Hons): Applied Mathematics (02240171)

Stream 1: Applied analysis
Stream 2: Differential equations and modelling

BSc (Hons): Mathematics (02240181)
BSc (Hons): Mathematics of Finance (02240272)

BSc (Hons): Financial Engineering (02240274)

Master’s degrees:

MSc: Applied Mathematics (02250171)
MSc: Mathematics (02250181)
MSc: Mathematics of Finance (02250182)
MSc: Mathematics Education (02250183)
MSc: Financial Engineering (02250184)

Doctoral degrees:

PhD: Mathematical Sciences (02260761)
PhD: Mathematics and Science Education (02260753)

Sciences Special Postgraduate* (02280001)

*: Mainly for applicants who are not or will not be accepted for MSc Financial Engineering due to the non-availability of a supervisor. These applicants can apply to be admitted for some modules for non-degree purposes, i.e. WTW 831 and/or WTW 832 and/or WTW 833. Add a separate letter to the application in which the modules are specified. Please scroll down to point 11 below as well.

2. Prerequisites and composition of programmes, etc

Please refer to the following documents as well as the links below:

  • The 2014 Postgraduate “yearbook” of the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, available on the University web at Postgraduate Students, Study Information, Yearbook Information.
  • The departmental postgraduate brochure 2013 in PDF-format (link at the bottom of this page) for general guidelines. (Soon after the UP website’s upgrade has been completed, the 2015 brochure should be available).
  • Additional information as indicated below.

Honours programmes 2015

Master’s programmes 2014

The Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics may require the descriptions of the course content of honours modules from applicants who seek admission for master’s studies.

Doctoral programmes 2014

The Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics requires the following additional information / documents from applicants who seek admission for doctoral studies:

  • The Master’s dissertation itself (electronic copy)
  • A detailed description of the work done for the Master's dissertation
  • A recommendation from your Master’s supervisor.
These documents should be submitted directly to the Department by e-mail to They do not form part of the official online or paper-based application.

3. Contact persons for enquiries

For honours study enquiries
For master’s and doctoral study enquiries

4. Application procedure

To apply officially for admission, go to the University web to “Information for Postgraduate Students” and then below that to “Apply at UP”.

The two primary channels for applying to study at UP are:

  • Online application
  • Paper-based application:
    o Hard copy paper-based application
    o Downloadable paper based application

The online application system opens on 1 March each year for applications for the following academic year.
Guidelines for online applications:

If you choose the "downloadable paper based application", you can print the form (about 17 pages) and complete the relevant parts (for postgraduate applications) by hand. Either deliver the form, proof of payment and all the documents personally at the CSC (Client Service Centre) or send them by courier to the CSC.

Students who are currently registered at UP should go via the Portal Login to their “Student Services Centre” or visit the Client Service Centre (CSC) or Faculty Student Admin office.

5. Closing dates for applications for 2015:

International students: The University sets a closing date for applications of international students, normally 31 August. Applications received after that due date, will be considered, but there will be no guarantee that the processing will be done in time for the prospective student to receive his/her study permit on time for registration and attendance of honours or master’s classes which normally commence by the end of January/beginning of February. PhD applications more flexible (see below).

Due dates for honours applications:

For BSc (Hons) in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics:

  • Students from other universities or former UP students not currently registered – 31 October 2014
  • For current UP final year students - 15 November 2014

For BSc (Hons) in Financial Engineering or Mathematics of Finance:

  • Students from other universities or former UP students not currently registered – 30 September 2014
  • For current UP final year students - 15 October 2014
Please note that there is a limit in the intake of candidates for the programmes BSc (Hons) Financial Engineering and BSc (Hons) Mathematics of Finance. Therefore the selection procedure of all the applicants will be done together in one session by the departmental selection committee in November.

Due dates for master’s applications:

  • For students who already have a supervisor: 31 October 2014
  • For students who do not have a potential supervisor yet: 30 September 2014
  • For students currently registered for Honours at UP: 30 November 2014
  • International students: please see the remark above, right below point 5.

Due dates for applications for PhD study:

Closing dates are not applicable for PhD applications. You can apply any time. However, please try not to register after 31 August in a particular year, as the year of registration still counts as a full year’s study. Great emphasis is placed on the throughput rate, i.e. that PhD students should complete their studies within three to four years. Enquiries at with copy to

6. Guidelines for potential MSc and PhD students on acquiring a supervisor.

The acquirement of a supervisor is not compulsory for application, but it is a prerequisite for admission. Therefore, continue with your official application for admission for PhD or Master’s studies at UP.
Admission is subject to the approval of your application by the departmental postgraduate selection committee, regardless whether you have acquired a supervisor or not. For guidelines on how to find a supervisor for your MSc dissertation or PhD thesis, please click here.

7. Registration process

Students who have been officially admitted and accepted the offer online (go via the Portal Login to the “Student Services Centre”), can submit the contract and register online in the beginning of the academic year as soon as the blocks (“holds”) have been lifted. Please consult the UP web or contact the CSC or the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences for queries.

New honours students should follow all the steps prior to the actual online registration but only register online after the first official information meeting, normally at the end of January/beginning of February, the exact date of which will be made available here in September.

New master’s students should register online only after the supervisor has confirmed the choice of modules with the student.

8. First meetings for 2015

All honours students have an official first information meeting, normally at the end of January/beginning of February. The exact date for 2015 will be made available here in November. The honours timetables are finalised during that meeting. The master’s students do not have a general first meeting. They are informed of the exact dates and times of the lectures by e-mail. The lectures normally commence early in February. Enquiries at with copy to

9. Postgraduate fees and postgraduate funding

Go to the University webpage to “Information for Postgraduate Students” and then to “Fees and Funding”, where extensive information on fees, loans, bursaries, the UP Postgraduate Scholarship, NRF scholarships and grants, etc can be found. Also see “External bursaries”.

No applications are required for the UP Postgraduate Scholarship, as all eligible candidates come into automatic consideration by the Faculty Research Committee.

Applications for Postgraduate Research Support Bursary for PhD students close on 31 January and must be submitted by the supervisor.

Call for applications for a Pilot Doctoral Programme bursary

10. Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

11. Additional info on MSc Financial Engineering:

The acquirement of a supervisor is not compulsory for application, but it is a prerequisite for admission. Unfortunately there is a limit in the new intake for each academic year, due to restricted availability of supervisors in this field.

When applying for admission for this degree, you are advised to indicate two study choices on the application: First choice: MSc: Financial Engineering (02250184)

Second choice: Sciences Special Postgraduate (02280001) It is easier to be accepted for the second choice, which enables you to register for the coursework only (i.e. the master's modules WTW 831, WTW 832 and WTW 833).

If you performed well, you can, say by October, apply for admission for the master's degree itself, for the year after, when the chances of you finding a supervisor (which is a prerequisite) should be better. If accepted, you will be credited for the modules that you passed and only the dissertation will be remaining.

Please note, that for choice 2 you need to add a separate page with your application documents explaining that you would like to apply for the coursework only (mention the master's modules WTW 831, WTW 832 and WTW 833). 

For the prerequisites and other information about the programme, please consult the "Postgraduate brochure in PDF-format" and see pages 16 to 24.

12. Honours 2015 colour brochure

13. Matters for honours students

14. Matters for master’s and doctoral students

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