Welcoming Week & InSync 2018

Posted on February 16, 2018


We have waited so long for this week; and on the 27th of January, we had the pleasure of meeting our Nitas of 2018 and our Welcoming Week started.

As their Nita Guardian, I was most excited to spend their first week of University and of course, their first week as a Vivi-lady with them; to get to know them and make sure they had a week to remember. We had a whole week planned out for them that included fun activities like cupcake decorating, a treasure hunt, InSync practices and the socials of course! I enjoyed spending time with them and watching them enjoy themselves.

At the end of the week, on the 4th of February, we had our Final nita ceremony, where I had the privilage to take a picture with each of them; we ended the Ceremony with some delicious cake and I went home with a happy heart because I have finally met my beautiful Nitas.

- Nikki Grobbelaar


InSync 2018

What a way to kick off the year, with one of the most exciting events for the Nitas of Vividus Ladies. Dancing and singing on stage.


Not only do we get to have fun and enjoy every moment, but it is definitely the best way, and the first opportunity for our Nitas to get to build their everlasting friendships. 


InSync is rewarding in a way that we get to make a difference in not just our lives but in the lives of every Nita in the group standing there on stage with you. Being placed outside of your comfort zone and still owning every move and moment you get to shine.


Being part of a team and getting to know how people like to express themselves.


For me as External EC it was one of the best experiences I have ever had, to share my passion with the first years and to build them up to be more than they think they can be - because each one of them are so special and are more worth then they will ever know. Working with girls like that is a reward on its own.


Besides the girls, the second most rewarding for me was the messages and conversations afterwards, knowing they had the time of their lives and knowing I had an effect on them. Even though we didn't place this year - we had so much FUN, and in the end that's all that matters. 


I guarantee the same fun and excitement for our upcoming Serrie event. It is definitely not an event you would want to miss out on.


From the heart of a proud External.

- Imcke Marais

- Author Nikki Grobbelaar & Imcke Marais

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