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This is our special name for the first years of Vividus Ladies.
"Nita" is derived from Latin, meaning "Beautiful Woman of God".
As these new beautiful ladies are welcomed into the house, they are given an opportunity to partake in the Welcoming week program, which includes not only the academic orientation from the University's side, but also an opportunity to take part in other activities, such as socials, 1nSync, mass dates, lunch hour concerts and so forth.


This is a dance competition between the first years in each residence. It encompasses the learning of dance moves and routines that are then performed in a 6-9 minute show; put together by the External Culture HK and her committee and then taught to the first years during Welcoming week (or W-week). The Ienkmelodienk performance is then held at the end of the week in front of a large audience of TUKS students and a panel of judges.

Mass Dates A.K.A 'Slepe' 

This is where the ladies have an opportunity to meet other first years from the men's residences. This takes place in Welcoming Week. The men and ladies walk together from the Universteitsoord parking lot to the Aula grass on campus to as they get to know each other.

On the House Committee, the Nita Guardian looks out for the Nitas and is there to help them, should they need anything or have any questions.


For more information, contact Monique Botha: 074 601 6034

These are our beautiful Semis (Sparx) and Seniors (Flame) in the House.
They are the ladies that participate in house events throughout the year and will also look out for our Nitas through our Internal Affairs portfolio, also known as "Big Sister-Little Sister" (Please read more under Portfolios)

The Members Affairs HK is the "Semi-Guardian" of the house and plays the same role as the Nita Guardian for her Nitas.

For more information, contact Kim Reddy (Sparx): 076 482 8614 and Chante Bredenkamp (Flames): 083 395 2222


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