Research Facilities

Research facilities within the UP ISMC encompass facilities within the various departments of UP faculties that have collaborated or will collaborate on malaria research. These facilities include:




Facility and/or services

Health Sciences

School of Health Systems and Public Health

EDC laboratory;

Toxicology laboratory;


VHEMBE field office and laboratory


Medical virology

BSL-3 laboratory (Biosafety level 3)

*Grow live viruses, characterize them and use them for various purposes

Zoonoses Research Unit (ZRU)

*ZRU investigates vector borne and zoonotic diseases


Skills laboratory



Medical microbiology



Internal medicine

Case management


Family medicine

Training of health care professionals

Natural & Agricultural Sciences


Malaria parasite molecular laboratory (M2PL)

*In vitro anti-Plasmodial activity screen facility 
*In vitro malaria parasite culture facility
Molecular laboratory 
*Functional genomics, microarray, proteomics 
*Isotope laboratory 
*Crystallization facility


Mathematics & Applied mathematics



Plant science







Analytical laboratory


Geography, Geoinformatics and Meteorology

Centre for Geoinformation Science (CGIS) – GIS related work

Economics & Management Sciences



Engineering, Built environment & IT

Chemical engineering

Institute of Applied Materials (IAM); 


Veterinary Science

Paraclinical sciences



Companion animal clinical studies

Veterinary hospital


Educational psychology

Active teachers


Early childhood education



Education management and Policy studies






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