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Scope of the Vector Control Cluster:

The Vector cluster aims to contribute to the development, promotion and appropriate integration of technologies, methods and policies for optimization of malaria vector control strategies. Research is focused on the creation of safer, sustainable new tools to accelerate the elimination of malaria including alternatives to insecticide netting and indoor residual spraying. The Chemical Engineers in this Cluster are internationally recognized for their expertise in fibre polymers for insecticide capturing and controlled exposure to malaria vectors; hence the development of new and potentially safe insecticide treated wall linings (ITWLs) is a significant translational research project. Work conducted on biting site preferences of the principal vector species in Africa provides an opportunity to introduce control measures that will greatly reduce outdoor vector biting and very significantly reduce malaria incidence. Research into the development of an enhanced mosquito trap based on semiochemistry using key olfactory attractants is important for the control of the mosquito vector and thus reduction in malaria incidence. An Integrated Vector Management (IVM) project aims to optimize cross-border vector control and disease management strategies through integrated decision support modeling and health delivery experiments.

Researchers mainly involved with research in the Vector Control Cluster:

Cluster Chairperson

Dr ME (Megan) Riddin
     UP ISMC Management Committee member
     Research Initiative: Integrated Vector Management

Department: School of Health Systems & Public Health
Expertise: Physical methods of vector control, biting behaviour, bionomics, vector surveillance               

Tel:  +27 (0)12 356 3087
Email: [email protected]

Prof WW (Walter) Focke
     UP ISMC Management Committee member
     Established Researcher (NRF C2) 

     Director: Institute of Applied Materials (IAM)

Department: Chemical Engineering
Expertise: Innovative polymer physical methods of vector control

Tel:  +27 (0)12 420 3728
Email: [email protected]

Prof ER (Egmont) Rohwer
     Internationally Acclaimed Researcher (NRF B3) 

Department: Chemistry
Expertise: Semiochemistry

Tel:  +27 (0)12 420 2518
Email: [email protected]





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