Vision, Mission, Objectives


The vision of the UP ISMC is to become a nationally and internationally known multi-disciplinary research institute making a substantial contribution towards the creation of a malaria-free Africa by:

  • Employing sustainable and environmentally safe malaria control technologies;
  • Establishing integrated vector management strategies;
  • Ensuring effective malaria case management; and
  • Promoting health education in affected populations


The UP ISMC strives to:

  • Generate new knowledge pertaining to safe malaria control in Africa through fundamental and applied research;
  • Support and promote research collaboration within the University of Pretoria and with regional, national and international partners; and
  • Leverage and coordinate existing research activities in the UP departments.


The UP ISMC aims to:

  • Engage communities, promote awareness and conduct research that reflects issues and needs related to safe and sustainable malaria control in vulnerable communities;
  • Become a nationally and internationally known multidisciplinary research institute on sustainable malaria control;
  • Network with relevant partners regionally, nationally and internationally;
  • Seek safe and effective control strategies;
  • Develop and implement valid decision-making tools for malaria management;
  • Advise policy makers on sustainable options of effective malaria control;
  • Provide a platform for large-scale project funding and capacity development; and
  • Develop human capital through education and training as well as leading-edge research.

A number of research groups at UP are working collaboratively to achieve these goals.

A critical component of a holistic approach to malaria prevention and management is the engagement with affected populations in order to ensure that they are part of the decision making and sustainability of successful interventions. Key role players in the field of malaria control from various faculties at UP are involved in this initiative. Each research group has its own focus area, but collaboration between various groups comprehensively informs decision making and planning of malaria control strategies in South Africa and the African continent. The Institute supports collaboration within UP and with other entities that share the aim of eliminating malaria.




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