Faculty Student Advisors (FSAs)


Faculty student advisors (FSAs) 


Academic Advising Vision

Academic Advising at UP is a dynamic relationship between an advisor and a student, aimed at assisting students clarify personal career goals and a holistic university experience. This clarification process assists students to develop educational goals and achieve their vision. Academic Advising is a joint- decision making process where student and advisor discusses the appropriate support services and resources available at UP, to pursue specific goals in the interest of the student. The student then takes responsibility for his/her own learning and subsequent success by utilizing these support services and resources.

Academic Advising Mission

  • To empower students to succeed by using early intervention and databased decision making to identify and reach out to students who may need support.
  • To be present and available for students who then seek assistance and support and to empower them as they explore and develop their academic and personal goals
  • To share skills, advice, training and support with students, as they explore their career ambitions, which will enable them to set goals for their future and work towards achieving those goals.
  • To positively impact on students’ academic and professional development so that they are equipped to finish their degrees in the minimum time, reach their optimal level of functioning beyond student life and become fully functioning members of society.

The services offered by the Faculty Student Advisors include:

Individual consultations and workshops on:

  • Academic support;
  • Goal setting & motivation;
  • Adjustment to university life;
  • Time management;
  • Study methods;
  • Test / Exam preparation;
  • Stress Management and;
  • Career exploration.

The role of Peer Advisors

Peer advisors are senior students. This gives them the opportunity to assist other students from a first-hand perspective. The primary role of Peer Advisors will be to assist students with basic advising questions. Peer advisors will also serve as a resource to connect students with the Faculty Student Advisors (FSAs) (where applicable) and/or with general campus resources. In so-doing, the peer advisor shall assist in the decision-making process when determining which support services available at UP will best help students in pursuing their specific goals.

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