[email protected] Choose your modules carefully

Choose your modules carefully

Choose your modules carefully


There are a number of things you can do to ensure that you choose the correct modules and field of study.

  • Ensure that you are enrolled for sufficient credits

If you are unsure how many credits your degree requires, visit http://www.up.ac.za/yearbooks/home and access your chosen degree in the yearbook for more information. You could also contact your FSA and/or faculty student administration.

Additionally, think twice before dropping modules late into the semester. Click here for more information.

  • Shadow

Shadowing is best done before you decide on a field of study, but is still beneficial while you are studying. It entails visiting a professional in your chosen field and observing them:

  • when they do their favourite work,
  • when they do their everyday work, and
  • when they do the work they do not enjoy.

​​It is vital that you observe all aspects of a career you are interested in so that you have a holistic and realistic picture of that career.

  • Interview a professional person

Make an appointment with a professional in your chosen career and ask them to tell you what they think is good about the career, what they enjoy most about it and what the negative aspects are?

  • Career App.tizer

Career App.tizer is a mobile application primarily aimed at high-school learners. However, you can still benefit from it after starting university.

Among other things, it offers you the opportunity to explore the different courses offered at the University of Pretoria. Career App.tizer includes an online career interest survey that will map your interests to courses offered by UP and link courses to careers.

Blog: How to choose the right modules

Career App.tizer is available on:




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