Statistical Distribution Theory (StatDisT) group

One of the top priorities of a leading research group is to produce quality research that is published in internationally accredited peer-reviewed journals. StatDisT is no exception to this.  Furthermore, it is important to build contacts within our research field via national- and international conference attendance and presentations.  StatDisT encourages its group members to actively partake in various research activities in order to build a strong network of statisticians who are serious about research in the field of statistical distribution theory.

(This research output is supported by the National Research Foundation (South Africa) and STATOMET.)

StatDisT (Statistical Distribution Theory) research group is a dynamic research group based at the Department of Statistics, University of Pretoria, Pretoria. Our research group has students at the honours level, masters level, doctoral level, and post-doctoral level. We regularly publish in journals such as PlosOne, Symmetry, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Statistics in Medicine, Statistical Methods in Medical Research, to name a few.

The research of StatDisT includes but is not limited to:

(a) distributions with bounded and unbounded domain;

(b) the distributions of operations on independent/dependent random variables/matrix variables/directional statistics;

(c) normal and non-normal distributions;

(d) methods to derive new distributions;  

(e) properties of new distributions using theory supported by mathematical software;

(f) inference (classical and Bayesian); and

(g) applications in financial, biological, and environmental studies.

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Mathematica code for the Distribution of Product of Generalised Gamma 


Peer-reviewed Publications

Big news!

In 2020 a contributed book edited by our research group is being published by Springer:

Computational and Methodological Statistics and Biostatistics: Contemporary Essays in Advancement, to be published by Springer in 2020; eds. Bekker, A., Chen, D., and Ferreira, J.T. ISBN nr 978-3-030-42195-3


Contact Us!

Prof Andriëtte Bekker (principal investigator): [email protected]

Dr Johan Ferreira (administrator): [email protected]

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