International Symposium in Statistics and Biostatistics (ISBS) - July 2019

The Local Organising Committee wishes to notify and invite delegates to the first International Symposium on Computational and Methodological Statistics and Biostatistics, hosted by the Department of Statistics at the University of Pretoria during July 2019. The main objective is to unify fundamental methodological research in statistics together with computational aspects of the modern era.  It also serves as a platform to collaborate with international experts on SA home ground, and pave the way for continued international future research collaboration. The symposium will span over two days on 19 and 20 July 2019 at the newly built Future Africa Campus of the University of Pretoria. Various international keynote speakers have accepted the invitation to attend and present at this symposium, and it is our privilege to receive them together with all other delegates at the University of Pretoria.

The symposium will have 14 invited speakers on a variety of topics relating to computational and methodological statistics and biostatistics. There are contributed session opportunities for delegates wishing to partake in the symposium as presenters, in addition to being a delegate.

In addition to the above, a Graduate Learning Camp will take place prior to the symposium on 17 and 18 July (also at the Future Africa Campus of UP), to expose and empower the next generation of young South African academics within the discipline of statistics. This Graduate Learning Camp is exclusively earmarked for postgraduate students enrolled in any statistics and data science postgraduate degree at a South African university, who does not have a PhD degree.

Key experts who form part of the invited attendee cohort of the symposium, will be members on the facilitating panel for this cohort of young aspiring academics at the Graduate Learning Camp.

Preliminary operational detail:

  • Note that the registration for the symposium and the graduate learning camp is two separate registrations;
  • Accommodation, registration, and travel arrangements to and from the symposium and graduate learning camp will be the responsibility of the delegate;
  • For registration for the graduate learning camp, valid proof of registration for 2019 at a South African university has to be provided;
  • Funding has been earmarked as travel grants for a limited number of postgraduate students to attend the graduate learning camp. This grant has to be explicitly applied for; more detail will be available under the corresponding link on this website.

The LoC looks forward to receive you in Pretoria for this symposium!

Prof Andriëtte Bekker

Dr Johan Ferreira

Prof Mohammad Arashi

Ms Carin Ferreira