Statistical Process Control (SPC) group


Statistical Process Control group


SHORT TITLE: Advances in Statistical Process Control (SPC)


SHORT DESCRIPTION: In today's technologically advanced era of high-quality manufacturing with the possibility of real-time and on-line monitoring, it is of utmost importance to detect any change in location or change in variation (or, for that matter, any deviation from a specified target, however small it might be) as soon as possible. In the recent literature a number of techniques have proven to be effective in detecting small shifts. These techniques all have a common idea i.e. to use all (or, as much as possible) of the historically available information to make an informed and objective decision about the state of a process. So, it is only natural to consider if these approaches can be improved upon and/or if an optimal time-weighted procedure exists to detect minute changes. The envisaged research is to be a pioneer in filling this important gap in SPC and focuses specifically on developing a new class of control charting techniques for detecting tiny changes as effectively/quickly as possible.




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