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Posted on August 24, 2022


Rachelle Chadwick (Sociology) published the chapter ‘The Politics of Naming: Contested Vocabularies of Birth Violence’ in Birth Controlled: Selective Reproduction and Neoliberal Eugenics in South Africa and Indiapublished an article with Rodante van der Waal, Kaveri Mayra and Anna Horn on Obstetric Violence: An Intersectional Refraction through Abolition Feminism in Feminist Anthropology. 

Simamkele Dlakavu (Sociology) published the article Zulu Love Letter: Moving Black women from margins to the centre in narrating South Africa’s political transition in Agenda.

Oko Enworo (Sociology) published the article Acceptable minimum threshold of universal access to services for women in Nigeria: A review of selected issues in the National Gender Policy in the Journal of International Women’s Studies.

Mpho Mmadi (Sociology) published the article Working-class Commuters and Innovative use of associational power: The case of Mamelodi train sector in South Africa in the Global Labour Journal.

Neo Mohlabane and Malehoko Tshoaedi (Sociology) published the article What Is a Woman? A Decolonial African Feminist Analysis of Womanhoods in Lesotho in South African Review of Sociology.

Alf Nilsen (Sociology) published the articles India’s pandemic: spectacle, social murder and authoritarian politics in a lockdown nation in Globalizations; Contesting resources, contesting the nation? in Contemporary South Asia; chapter Marxist Approaches to the Study of Political Participation in The Oxford Handbook of Political Participation; article Theorizing Law, Social Movements, and State Formation in India in Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East. 


Academic presentations, discussion and interviews 

Alf Nilsen: presented a lecture titled ‘Making Insurgent Citizenship in India’s Bhil Heartland’ at the ToIndia Doctoral Summer School hosted by the University of Torino; presented the paper ‘Making the Neoliberal Hindu Nation’ at a seminar hosted by the Department of Political Economy, University of Sydney, presented the paper ‘Adivasi Struggles over Resources’ at the seminar Land, Resources, and the Subaltern Response: Adivasis and the Indian State seminar, hosted by the University of Technology, Sydney; published an article Towards A Theory of Law, State Formation and Social Movements in Modern India on Progress in Political Economy; discussed his article ‘Give James Ferguson a Fish’ at the Ferguson, Fish, and the Politics of Welfare seminar at the University of Melbourne; was interviewed for the edited volume The New Republic: Populism, Power, and the Trajectories of Indian Democracy; was interviewed for the article India at 75: How Modi’s Rightwing Populism Threatens Democracy published in The Progressive Magazine.

Rachelle Chadwick (Sociology) delivered the keynote lecture titled ‘Haunting Birth: Gender, Coloniality and Obstetric Violence’ at the Humanizing Birth, Critical Midwifery Studies Summer School hosted by the University of Humanistic Studies (Netherlands); presented the paper ‘The Future is Now: Birth and Questions of Freedom’ at the Reproductive Futures, Emergent Injustices, Hopes and Paradoxes international conference hosted in Tampere, Finland


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