Frequently asked questions

Undergraduate queries:

When can I see my lecturer?
Lecturers’ consultation hours are posted next to their office doors. They are required to be in their offices at these times. Consultation hours are also announced in lectures and in course outlines. If you wish to you may make a special appointment with your lecturer. (You need to arrange this personally with him or her.)

When can I see the Head of Department?
Appointments to see the Head of Department during weekdays must please be made with the Departmental secretary, Ms Rosa Da Costa-Bezuidenhout. Her office is on the 19th floor in room 14 of the Humanities Building (HB 19-14).

What do I do if I want to change module registrations?
Module registrations are dealt with by the Faculty administration. The Humanities Faculty Administration is located in the IT building, next to the HB.

What do I do if I have test clashes?
Test dates are set by the University Timetable Department and the Faculty and are therefore ‘fixed’. The Department cannot change these dates once they have been decided upon. Students must please arrange and manage their own study programmes. (The dates are made available to students during the first week of the academic year in writing via the RED Departmental Guide.)

  • If there is a clash between two Sociology modules, you must notify us one week beforehand. If the clash is between a Sociology module and the module of another discipline, students should bring proof of registration, as well as an authorised note from the department concerned to confirm that the other module’s test is to be written on that day and at the same time. The proof of registration and note are to be handed to Ms Da Costa-Bezuidenhout in 19-14. The Head of Department will consider your application for approval. There is only one opportunity to write a special test at the end of the semester, which is announced on ClickUP and in classes. 

What do I do if I miss a test?
The Department must be provided with a valid and legitimate medical certificate within three days after the scheduled test has been written. Your medical certificate will be cross-checked by the Department in order for you to qualify for the special test which is usually written towards the end of the semester.

Are there tutorials?
There are consultation times set out (next to the tutors’ office doors on the 19th floor of HSB). Tutors will help you during these times with any queries you may have about course work. You may also make appointments to see a tutor. First, second- and third-year students are required to attend weekly  tutorials. (See your RED Departmental Guide.)

What are the regulations that apply to the handing in of all assignments?

  • All assignments must please be typed. The technical and scientific guidelines for proper assignment writing and presentation must please be strictly followed. ALL ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE SUBMITTED THROUGH TURN-IT-IN. These guidelines are available in the Departmental Guide. The latter is also to be found In Click UP (under your Sociology module link).
  • It is compulsory to attach a filled in and properly signed ‘plagiarism or honour’ form to your assignment BEFORE you hand it in.  The honour forms can be downloaded from ClickUP.
  • Plagiarism or academic dishonesty is an unforgiveable and very serious academic offence. All students are required to familiarise themselves with the University’s rules in this regard. The latter will be applied by the Department of Sociology in the unlikely event that any of our students should be caught plagiarising. Plagiarism occurs when you reproduce the work or ideas of others without acknowledging the source properly. Please study the information provided on the University intranet on:
  • ALL ASSISGNMNETS MUST PLEASE BE SUBMITTED ON TIME. The dates for submitting assignments are made available to students during the first week of the academic year. In the unlikely event that an assignment is submitted in late, the following rule will be applied: the student will be penalised by subtracting 10% per day from the mark awarded to the assignment. Assignments may still be submitted three days after the closing time and date (that is, three working days). 
  • PLEASE NOTE AGAIN that all the information you require to navigate the Department of Sociology is available in the DEPARTMENTAL GUIDE found in ClickUP. A study guide will be handed out in hard copy in classes and may also be downloaded from ClickUP!

Postgraduate Queries:

Do I qualify to be admitted?
The Department sets minimum requirements in terms of which students will be considered for admittance to the Department. Please see the conditions and the detail in this regard as provided on this web page. Meeting these requirements does not imply automatic admission. All prospective applicants are interviewed before a final decision is made.

When do students meet and when are lectures held?
Generally, lecturers will indicate the lecture times to all registered students. Please note that attendance of lectures, departmental seminars and postgraduate meetings are compulsory.

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