Message from the Department

How can you learn to understand the social behaviour and life chances of individuals such as yourself? What is the relationship between understanding oneself, one’s life style and life chances and one’s problems – and those of the nature of the society and the social groups to which one belongs? Each individual person belongs to a whole range of social groups (e.g. age, ethnic and/or race, church, community, class, national citizenship, gender) at once. In order to explore who one is, or, what one’s identity is requires us to study the nature and relationship between group membership and the individual; between the history of one’s society and/or community as well as the structure of the society in which one lives and one’s self. In other words, Sociology argues that social context is the key to real understanding and exploration of individual behaviour.

We invite you to join us in our endeavours to understand our world and ourselves and in doing so to improve both our lives and those of the societies in which we live.

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