Message from the Chairperson


Message from the Chairperson

The School is for the caring professions. It emphasises the importance of interprofessional collaboration and teamwork. The five different Health Care Sciences, namely Human Nutrition, Nursing Science, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Radiography. In the School, students receive professional integrated training, comprising of theoretical as well as practical components in clinical as well as in community environments. The quality assurance of teaching and learning important. Work Integrated Learning and Community Engagement provide such assurance in that, students are exposed to the real world with real health related experience. Students register with the relevant regulatory councils in supervised categories. Upon completion of their degrees, they register first for community service and in the following year as independent practitioners.

The most important characteristic of the School, is the integrated way in which different activities are carried out. The staff members in the school belong to the different committees, that are aligned with the strategic objectives of the School, Faculty and the University. These committees facilitate the following activities: Research and Postgraduate Studies, Teaching and Learning, Community Engagement and Marketing. At the centre of all these committees, is the Executive Committee, which is made of the heads of the five departments. The executive committee oversees all activities in the school including transformation in its broadest sense.

The diversity in terms of different professional groupings is, considered to be an asset as it creates numerous opportunities for integrated teaching and learning, research and social responsiveness which is realised through community engagement activities, by both staff and students.

Dr Ramadimetja Mable Kekana


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