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A dietitian can be defined as “… a professional person who is a translator of the science and the art of food, nutrition and dietetics in the service of people―whether individually or in the family or large groups, healthy or sick, at all stages of the life cycle”.

The Department of Human Nutrition at the University of Pretoria

Why study dietetics at TUKS?

Studying dietetics at Tukkies has numerous advantages. The Tukkie dietitian has integrated theoretical and practical training in biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology, psychology and anthropology, adult education, food science, human nutrition, as well as food service systems management. He or she is able to work with people because of the holistic training in the biological, health and human sciences. He or she is also qualified to function independently because of the problem-solving skills acquired during academic and practical training and will be able to develop health care programmes in communities. The Tukkie graduate is skilled in the use of technology and research in the field of nutrition.

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