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 A dietitian can be defined as “… a professional person who is a translator of the science and the art of food, nutrition and dietetics in the service of people―whether individually or in the family or large groups, healthy or sick, at all stages of the life cycle”. Dietitians work with people who have special dietary needs, give professional nutritional advice, evaluate and improve nutritional treatments of diseases, as well as educate clients, doctors, nurses, health professionals and community groups on the science of food.

Career opportunities in the field of nutrition has never been better or more diverse as they are today. With the relationship between diet, health and wellness firmly established, nutrition careers in the medical field, the community, the food industry, and private practice continue to grow in numbers.

Wherever you choose to pursue your own career, the programme in dietetics at the University of Pretoria will prepare you to succeed. You’ll have all the advantages of small classes with great discussions, a close-knit student and department community, and lots of individual attention. Whilst at the same time accessing the enormous libraries and resources available at the University of Pretoria.

Just as importantly, you’ll have countless opportunities to get involved and gain experience in the practical field. Students participate in Departmental and Faculty research projects, assessing patients at the Academic  and other government hospitals, conducting consultations at the Student Health Centre as well as with patients at numerous government or municipal clinics. Your class activities will include learning experiences in the city, hospitals and clinics—from observing registered dietitians in hospital settings to touring facilities where nutrition products are manufactured.

Dietetics is a supplementary health care profession, like among others, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. The core business of dietetics is to promote the quality of life of individuals and/or communities by means of nutrition care. This care can be preventive and/or curative. An informed and well-nourished community is, after all, a healthy community. 


Why study dietetics at TUKS?

Studying dietetics at Tukkies has numerous advantages. The Tukkie dietitian has integrated theoretical and practical training in biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology, psychology and anthropology, adult education, food science, human nutrition, as well as food service systems management. He or she is able to work with people because of the holistic training in the biological, health and human sciences. He or she is also qualified to function independently because of the problem-solving skills acquired during academic and practical training and will be able to develop health care programmes in communities. The Tukkie graduate is skilled in the use of technology and research in the field of nutrition.

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