About the Department of Physiotherapy    

Physiotherapy is a dynamic profession that addresses health care as well as health-related problems of illness, disability and injury by means of intervention. The goals of physiotherapy are to promote health and wellness, to prevent illness and disability, to restore and optimise functional ability through rehabilitation and cooperation in a multidisciplinary team. Evidence-based therapy, professional protocols and rehabilitation practice underpins all physiotherapy interventions.

The profession also plays a central role in the development and delivery of comprehensive health service according to the national imperatives. Physiotherapy education therefore aims to contribute towards an effective and efficient South African health care service by providing graduates with scientific therapeutic knowledge, skills and attitude to address health and disability needs of the client, family and community system in which they function.

Furthermore, physiotherapy education aims to equip graduates to promote healthy lifestyles, social re-integration and economic participation of their patients as individuals and in all communities. The Department of Physiotherapy endorses life-long learning and leadership, resulting in the development of the profession and assumption of key roles within the wider health care system.

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