The Department of Periodontics and Oral Medicine run three primary clinics which render services to both public and private patients.

Appointments can be scheduled telephonically.

Telephone number: 012 319 2426/2620

The Periodontics Clinic

The clinic focuses on the treatment of periodontal disease and morphological defects of the periodontium. Periodontitis has an infective aetiology and results in the destruction of the supporting structures of the tooth which may eventually result in the loss of the tooth. A well-documented relationship exists between periodontitis and systemic health and the establishment of periodontal health is thus of greater importance than just the maintenance of teeth.

Alternatively, conditions that render the patient immune compromised can result in exquisitely painful and destructive periodontal disease which results in necrosis of the gum, bone and surrounding soft tissue. The clinic is dedicated to the support and treatment required by these patients.

In addition, morphological defects of the gum margin may result in aesthetic and functional concerns. Periodontal plastic procedures focus on the re-establishment of gingival harmony and an aesthetically pleasing smile.

Contact: Dr Elmine Crafford [email protected]

The Implant Clinic

The replacement of missing teeth by implants is a popular and viable treatment modality, although not always uncomplicated. The clinic assesses the viability of implant placement and in suitable candidates and performs the placement of implants where they can functionally support a dental prosthesis. In some instances, additional surgery is performed to create an optimal bony and soft tissue environment for the future implant.

Yet, as these implants have replaced failed teeth, so too can implants suffer from complications. In this instance the clinic assists with the rehabilitation or removal of such implants.

Contact: Prof Johan Marnewick [email protected]

The Oral Medicine Clinic

This clinic is primarily involved in the diagnosis and management of soft tissue conditions of the mouth which either requires simple surgical resection as a diagnostic and curative modality or the employment of pharmacological approaches in the management of the condition. Such conditions include infections (viral, fungal and bacterial), lesions that are reactive to common irritants in the mouth, the consequence of systemic diseases or medication use, or the result of a dysfunctional immune system. Most of these patients complain of sores and tenderness in their mouths.

In addition, help is given to those patients that suffer from dryness of their mouths or a burning sensation of the lining of the mouth.

Advanced diagnostic aids are employed in the assessment of lesions that may possibly be malignant, and the long term monitoring of patients who have experienced early precursor lesions to oral cancer as well as successfully treated oral cancer patients.

The postgraduate clinic is run on Monday mornings for complex cases, while the undergraduate clinic runs on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Contact: Dr Jeanine Fourie [email protected]

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