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To the world they appear as normal, class-attending civilians but as the sun sets, the notes get packed away and the reading glasses come off and the Onderstepoort Cat Interest Group students focus is on the feral felines that share our home away from home…

Most people stereotype cats as being rude, obnoxious and proud but we in the OP Cat Interest Group (CIG) want to change these perceptions. This year we are under new management, with fresh ideas and exciting plans; including interesting talks and demonstrations from outside companies and organizations! Our attention is mainly on the feral cats around campus, supplementing their diets with top quality sponsored food, ensuring their health and happiness. To prevent them from over populating our campus, we have an ongoing Trap, Neuter and Release (TNR) program. 

When kittens arrive at our doorstep, we recruit foster-parents to care for them and prepare them for adoption. Our overall goal is to promote an interest in cats and cat-practice among veterinary students and the general public. 

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Published by Srinivasu Nadupalli

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