Instructional design

An instructional designer is employed by the Department to design all mining modules in a format where the one-dimensional script would be enhanced through the inclusion of:

  • high quality pictures and illustrations; possible to comprehend without underground visits (and even then would be difficult to grasp)
  • animations showing difficult concepts in mining, which more understandable for the inexperienced mining student
  • video material to make images come alive.

Please contact Me Marietha Hicks via email with any clickUP related queries.

A databank of mining industry videos have been collected as part-time viewing material for students to enhance their understanding of difficult mining concepts and procedures, including reconstructions of typical mine incidents with 3D animations, including incident reconstruction simulations (IRS) and geology features. These videos have already been introduced to some modules and will further enhance students’ understanding. The videos can also be used to introduce students to basic mining concepts.

80% of the modules in the Department has been Instructionally Designed where the ADDIE approach is followed: 

  • Analysis - what is the outcomes, where can the content be enriched with media elements for better understanding.
  • Design of the content- apply for copyright where referred to journal articles.
  • Development - building the design in an electronic format, creating the links to the media and journal files, testing all the links.
  • Implementation - student use of the material and feedback.
  • Evaluation - what worked, what did not work, where do we need to improve for the next offering.


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