Primary equipment:

Zeiss Gemini Ultra Plus FEG SEM with BS, EDS & EBSD detectors

Zeiss Gemini 2 Crossbeam 540 FEG SEM with EDS & BS detectors, Leica EM ACE 600 Freeze fracture/Cryo/Coater system and VCT 100 transfer system

Jeol 2100F FEG TEM with EDS detector

Zeiss Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope 880 

Zeiss Axio Imager.M2 Light Microscope

Zeiss Axio Imager.A1m Light Microscope 

Zeiss Stereo Discovery.V20

Other equipment:

  1. Reichert KF80 slam/injection freezer
  2. Gatan Ion Beam coater
  3. Polaron h/v coater
  4. Reichert Ultracut ultramicrotomes
  5. Struers Accutom saw
  6. Struers Tenupol jet thinner
  7. Beuhler EcoMet 300 Grinder/Polisher
  8. Leco GP20 Grinder/Polisher
  9. Beuhler IsoMet 5000 Linear Precision Saw
  10. Reichert Ultracut E & R Ultramicrotomes
  11. Emitech K950X & K550X Coaters
  12. Fischione Model 1050 & 1060 TEM & SEM Mills
  13. Quorum Q150T Coating Unit

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