The services we offer

  • Discussions during the planning stages of any project requiring the use of the facilities.
  • Assistance with the preparation of samples.
  • Use of any of the microscopes and the help of a skilled operator.
  • Limited assistance with the interpretation of results.

Charges for services:

UP Users are invoiced monthly for usage of the facilities and a purchase order must be provided for other institution.


User Rates: 2022/2023



UP Users

Non-UP Users

Industry or analysis done

 on behalf of a client

Zeiss Ultra/X-Beam FEGSEM

 R375/ hr

 R720/ hr

 R1100 / hr

Joel TEM

 R375/ hr

 R720/ hr

 R1100 / hr

Zeiss Confocal

 R375/ hr

 R720/ hr

 R1100 / hr


 R375/ sample

 R720/ hr

 R1100 / sample

Light Microscopes

 R275 /hr




R100/ hr


R100/ hr

TEM Grids 

R40 each

R40 each 

R75 each

Sample Prep: Materials

The sample preparation material provided by the lab will only be standard according to the available inventory list and standards protocols. Anything beyond that has to be supplied by the user.

Please note 

That sample preparation is the user’s responsibility 

Sample preparation methods apply only to LMM users and not for work done outside the lab.


Available protocols:

TEM Sample Prep Tissue

TEM sample prep Cell 

Staining of resin sections on grids for TEM

SEM Sample Prep Cells Plant material 

Negative staining of viral samples

 LR White Resin Embedding for Plant material for TEM

Sample Coating: Special materials

Sample Prep: Life Sciences

Sample Prep: Special - Liq-N2





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