Cinthia Gamboa


Life at the University of Pretoria is a huge and complete experience, since the courses heading by excellent professors, until living at the residences of UP. My classes gave me a new broad perspective about contemporary South Africa, and at the same time, it let me get the similarities and differences that Latin American and African countries share. I met amazing people and I made incredible friends. UP gave more than just lectures; it gave the experience of my life.

Saliha Villanueva


Economics and Management Faculty

Deciding to go on academic exchange to University of Pretoria was one of the most assertive decisions I have made in my life, since this experience gave me the opportunity not only to complement my studies but also through this trip I was able to know cultures different from mine, to grow academically and personally, to know unforgettable places and people and proudly represent my university and Mexico abroad.  I thank UP and South Africa for allowing me to live this great experience that has undoubtedly impacted me in a positive way and has broadened my mind and horizons. I invite to all students whose goal is to study abroad to strive for it and work hard to achieve their goal because studying at UP is an enriching and incomparable life experience.

Yenti Ikele


South Africa has a very rich history, referring to apartheid, but even still today it faces several political issues. At the same time, you will encounter many different spoken languages, cultures and people. I can explain and tell you a lot about these things, the only thing I will tell you is. Be open, be curious and try to listen carefully when talking to people. Cause listening carefully in life is valuable doable so no reason for stress. But as you might remember. It depends.



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