Postgraduate: Doctoral Programme

The PhD degree

A PhD graduate has an in-depth and broad knowledge of a specialized area of the discipline; is well versed in the scientific method; and has proven, through independent and guided research, that s/he can apply the scientific method in a scientific study to make an original contribution to the discipline.  The research should be suitable for at least two publications in an accredited scientific journal.

Topics for the thesis may be chosen from the research focus areas of the staff members of the Department that fall within the following broad areas:

  1. Information Systems and the organization
  2. Information Systems and Education
  3. ICT for Sustainable Development
  4. Human-computer interaction
  5. Data Science.

The purpose of the thesis is to demonstrate that:

  • Is familiar with the nature and objective of his/her study.
  • Has satisfactory knowledge of the relevant literature.
  • Has mastered the research methods used in the study.
  • Has a good knowledge of the underlying theory/theories and the application of the scientific method.
  • Is able to evaluate the scientific implications and meaning of the findings.
  • Is able to structure and organize the research material in a logical way.

Students are also expected to hand in two publishable academic papers of 5000 to 7000 words, as well as proof that it has been submitted to a scientific journal, along with their thesis. The papers will bear the names of the candidate and supervisor(s), with the University of Pretoria retaining ownership of the intellectual property rights.

Please download the Departmental PhDs Brochure for details on admission requirements and procedures here: Departmental PhD Brochure 2024

It is important to note that your initial admission provides access solely to  two six-month seminars on advanced topics in IS Research (for non-degree purposes). You require a 70% average for both to be allowed to officially register for PhD programme in the following year.

Closing date for applications for the PhD(IS) and PhD(IT) degree:  31 October 2024

Please use this online registration link to apply for admission: or watch this video if you need more information on the registration process:

Note: We cannot guarantee the processing of applications for students who only receive their Masters degree results after January in the next year.  However, these applications will be considered for the year following the upcoming year.


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