2023 IE Final Year Project Titles & Top Three Posters

2023 IE Final Year Project Titles & Top Three Posters:


*Top Three Posters Indicated with prize rosettes - please click on image to navigate to the Poster.


Ally AA Donovan Utilising time-series forecasting and lean manufacturing to improve efficiency and meet seasonal demands at MyFreezy

Aregbeshola ARB Abdur-Rahman A two-fold approach for smallholding farms transitioning to large-scale agriculture to enhance profitability

Barnard I Ilze Improving raw material flow in a warehouse using the theory of constraints within the cosmetics industry

Beekrum C Chirag Conducting market and financial feasibility analyses to inform the facility layout of Jesmondene's real estate development

Bezuidenhout A Anika Facility redesign and inventory management for Build it Mamelodi

Binedell GS Greg Alleviating congestion in a high-volume, space-constrained warehouse through the use of a dynamic picking system

*Bouwer JM Jano Optimising the utilisation of a production sequence in a processing plant

Brandt A Anél Improving the outbound logistics of Sinvac

Burger SA Stefan Determining the feasibility of mine electrification to minimise carbon emissions through discrete event simulation modelling

Carolin R Ryan Utilising facility redesign and 5S to reduce overtime worked

Carter CE Catherine Optimisation of logistics operations to reduce overall courier costs across divisions at Optimi

Anonymous Predictive analysis and effective management of residential theft drivers in South Africa through the use of systematic modelling

Chikonde N Namakau Optimising the safety stock of a beverage factory

Chuang BW Betty Optimisation of an air-conditioning distribution center

*Coetzer TE Tane A data-driven approach to school online learning decision-support

Craig JG Jana Modal selection and transportation optimisation in the mining industry

Dambha MZ Mahomed Improving production line performance using lean manufacturing techniques

De Witt M Minè Improving performance by designing, testing, and implementing a performance measurement system at WGH Consulting

*Du Toit C Charl Optimising the handling of wood waste in a sawmill production line

Dube MW Wandile Implementation of total productive maintenance to improve machine availability and performance at Kusasa Pressure Systems

Erasmus MK Mikaela Identification of the most common errors resulting in a downtime state within an automated manufacturing cell

Essa A Aman Optimisation and improvement of current inventory management systems

Gallie SR Storm Developing an inventory order model for the importation of deteriorating materials

Giuricich MS Marco Optimisation of a paint manufacturing production line

Godana LM Likhanyile Improvement of the inventory management system for perishable goods at a greengrocer

Gourley AM Adrian Investigating methods to minimise raw material over and understocking at an industrial packaging company

Greyling HC Hendré Optimisation of raw material sourcing for an agri-food processor

Hooper JR Joshua Optimising the process of identifying investment and acquisition opportunities within the USA wastewater treatment market

Jacobs S Suné Simulating a self-service bag drop system at OR Tambo International Airport

Janse van Rensburg T Timon Efficiency improvements at MAXXLIVING

Jonga RN Nigel Improving the recruitment process to foster the development of exceptional human resources at an engineering consultancy firm

Jonker AV Angélique Process optimisation for part logistics of a paint shop in the automotive industry

Anonymous Analysing and developing a sustainable business model for a start-up company

Kalla A Azra Increasing productivity and profitability by improving the flow and utilisation of enterprise resources

Kalla A Azim Improving the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and production workflow at a cosmetic company

Kumbula TT Trish Utilising a data management framework to optimise the corporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) alignment

Laubscher MD Michiel A comprehensive study of the financial and operational effects of building versus renting for BusinessPrint

Lawrie AI Anya Infrastructure analysis and feasibility study for soybean drying in South African silos

Anonymous Using a nationwide Livestock Identification and Traceability System (LITS) to reduce the spread of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) amongst cattle in South Africa

Lloyd CP Christopher Optimising packing in a pharmaceutical warehouse

Maaga NO Nathi Improving dispensing efficiency through inventory management techniques for a private medical practice

Mabata T Tsepo Designing an architectural framework for the development of a synchronised multimodal authentication system with fingerprint, face, and voice recognition

Mahlatji T Tumisang Improving data visibility in the inventory processes of an events company

Mahori N Nhlanhla Developing a solar energy generation prediction model using machine learning

Majola M Mbhekeni Designing an order management system for Studio Delta

Makuwa VJ Vinjeru A metaheuristic approach to a scheduling and vehicle routing problem for a manufacturing company

Makuwa VJ Vitumbiko Market analysis of the natural gas industry in South Africa

Mans CCW Christoph Utilising standardisation to improve the quality of macadamia nut processing on farms

Marengo FB Fabio Assessment of the global water and wastewater treatment market from a venture capitalist perspective

Mashabane BI Bongiwe Identifying the optimal automation technique to improve operational flow in a warehouse system

Masogo MP Mmasale Data-driven sales optimisation at Lapologa Liquor Restaurant

Matshe MAR Mboyana Developing an inventory management system for the Jwili Laundry Services warehouse

Meij BC Byron Establishing a standardised process model for product development at an audiometric medical device specialist company

Milazi MN Nathi Optimising an engine dress facility to minimise line stoppages at an automotive company

Mntanga S Simamnkele Designing supply chain and inventory management systems for Lit Hair

Mohamed E Ebrahim Analysing process control at Columbus Stainless

Mokete MV Vinolia Facility layout planning for a stock product warehouse

Monyemonwa KV Vanessa Production forecasting for the Wonderfontein Glencore plant

Mooroogen R Rubeshen Utilising operations research and facilities planning to redesign the layout of a hardware retail store

Morgan K Kayla Optimising warehouse processes of a commercial printing company through implemention of a QR code tracking system

Mostert PZ Zirk Reducing the overtime cost of MCR Manufacturing

Moyo SM Busie Designing an independent school network using campus clusters based on facility profiles

Msimango SS Siphokazi Improving the warehouse layout and inventory management of a local hardware store

Mtolo AN Ayanda Utilising mathematical modelling to optimise the production of deli foods in a supermarket

Naidoo TI Tiasha Modelling the dynamics of global warming and deterioration of the ozone layer

Naidoo J Jeshmika Improving productivity in the expanded metal manufacturing department of Mentis Africa

Naidoo P Prelija Optimisation of slotting and replenishment of stock at a fast-moving consumer goods warehouse

Ncalane TI Thembani Improving inventory management processes in the fast-food industry

Ndlovu G Gugulethu Optimising the demand forecasting and inventory management processes for Nampak

Ndlovu AN Nandi Utilising systems modelling and systems thinking to understand the retrogressive impact of dropouts on universities

Ngwenya IO Innocentia Using operations research to optimise operations at a cleaning service oriented company

Nigrini AH Andries Improving productivity and production throughput at a small textile manufacturer

Nkwinika E Elnathan Investigating the ease of traceability of ChatGPT footprints in student assignment submissions

Oosthuizen E Erik Designing and enabling a production system for a home manufacturer

Oosthuizen NM Marco Improving the operations of the largest trailer production company in Africa

Pandey S Sagar Utilising facilities planning for process improvement at a TSE workshop

Paynter L Lauren Utilising simulation modelling to analyse and optimise production capacity at Glacier

Ramakrishnan J Jermi Optimising inventory management at Resolute

Reilly T Tristan Optimising the facilities layout for the production and assembly facilities of a storage management company

Rolle JR James Optimising a facility layout and improving inefficiencies for a relocated workshop at Mobile Macs

Schoeman J Jade Optimising the outstanding claims register management reserving process for motor claims at an insurance company

Schoeman MF Maryke Designing an operations management training framework for an export grape packhouse

Smit WM Wium Maximising the volume utilisation of freight trucks by optimising pallet allocation

Sono TP Thembalethu A systems engineering approach for the development of a predictive model to estimate the economic sustainability of a business system

Spitholt J Jayce Optimising mining through discrete-event simulation modelling

Swart DA Dané Optimising inbound supply chain and logistics for a plastics manufacturing company

Swebu GC Gcina Modelling the implications of changing climatic and economic drivers on life expectancy in South Africa

Talke GM Grethe Developing solutions for a supply shortage initiated by supplier exit

Theron N Nicola Optimising a pharmaceutical manufacturing process

van Beek HJD Henjo Optimising an outbound delivery schedule for RBMR

van de Merwe CHG Christiaan Optimising production planning in an injection moulding environment

van der Walt EdV Eric Optimising inventory management at a grocery store

van der Westhuizen L Lehanri Investigating potential customer relationship management software to optimise a customer support department

van Rooyen C Cailin Transforming tender pricing with data-driven machine learning solutions in the context of civil engineering

van Ryneveld L Leo Operational feasibility analysis of a centralised medical transaction centre using a simulation model

van Zyl A Anushke Process mining as an analysis tool for a Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process

Visser W Walter Optimising the data capturing system to improve efficiency in a packing process

Vosloo JH Jacques Optimisation and waste reduction of the colour sorting department in a macadamia processing plant

Weidemann JS Jonty Analysis and optimisation of the staging facility and pickup process of an online fulfilment department at Makro

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