2021 IE Final Year Project Titles & Top Three Posters

Last Name First Name Project Title  
Abrahams Z (Zander) Line balancing: improving the production of an abattoir facility with a hybrid simulation approach  
Andersen FJ (Frederik) Development of an effective and efficient optimisation programme using machine learning for a Simio simulation model  
Andhee E (Ekisha) Improving the downtime caused by logistics with acceptance sampling   
Andrews GR (Greg) Exploring the capabilities of a project portfolio digital twin as a vessel for unlocking inherent potential within a property service organisation  
Anonymous   The optimisation of space allocated to the storage of various scrap materials at Wispeco Aluminium  
Anonymous   An investment prioritisation model for the South African Post Office from an engineering economics perspective  
Anonymous   Storage optimisation within a paint company  
Badenhorst WA (Wiam) Using system dynamics modelling to uncover the causes, spread and control of a mutated viral infection during a pandemic  
Bala M (Minke) Inventory procurement and sourcing at the decoupling point  
Ball MC (Melissa) An industrial engineering approach to care coordination at the Community Oriented Substance Use Programme  
Beamish CF (Cydney) Framework for the minimisation and monitoring of waste at a floral e-commerce company  
Bench C (Caileigh) An improved prioritisation solution and methodology to help scale low-code as a service in a large logistics company  
Blane SH (Sean) A business case solution for the provision of wireless internet to low-income areas  
Boshoff R (Rianca) Optimal production planning and press line scheduling at the Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa  
Botes CM (Cara) A machine learning approach towards customer lead classification  
Botha JA (Junanda) A study on the financial benefit or detriment to Dairy Group of operating a milk collection depot in KwaZulu-Natal  
Brown AJ (Adam) Approaching a solution for operational scalability for TreasuryONE automation using systems engineering  
Brownlee TS (Tanna) Optimising a cellar layout for a wine distribution company  
Cardoso MdM (Michael) Sustainable warehouse design  
Carrim M (Mirza) Improvement of purchasing and demand management for Metro lifestyle through the use of forecasting  
Chiapperini D (Dante) Improving a robotics process automation project by redeveloping a low-code application  
Chimeri R (Ratidzai) The platform redesign for the adminstration of vacation work reports  
Craig J (Jason) The design and implementation of a simulation model to improve and optimise truck-fuelling operations  
Dawood MA (Muizz Ahmed) Improving the productivity of a production line at Amka Products  
de Bruyn S (Simoné) Documenting, measuring and analysing LINAC treatment processes in the Oncology Department  
de Witt M (Marni) Using big data analytics to understand and eliminate the cause of reject billets at Wispeco Aluminium  
Dickinson CH (Hasting) Complex production scheduling due to multiple product combinations per machine  
Dry D (Danzelle) Predictive modelling of indoor particulate in informal settlements using system dynamics modelling  
Dutton KM (Kirsten) Streamlining an enrollment process via digital innovation  
Dwarika R (Rovi) Design of a preventive maintenance model for brass condenser tubes of a thermal power plant  
Ebersohn C (Chané) Improving the work scheduling process used when allocating students to different departments in the University of Pretoria Oral Health Centre  
Engelbrecht WG (Willie) Simulation modelling and optimisation of a manufacturing assembly line  
Faller MG (Mitch) Manufacturing plant optimisation and the development of a material resource planning system  
Fitzsimons ECF (Emma) Development of a quantitative metric system for measurement, analysis and improvement of customer experience


Fourie L (Liza) Using a machine learning model to study the potential chances of job opportunities for a fresh graduate in a specific career path  
Giessing RM (Ruan) Developing a process improvement framework for a general insurance company  
Good VN (Vincent) Modelling vehicle emissions data using bayesian networks  
Gouws B (Brandon) Optimising the flow of inventory in a distribution centre  
Govender W (Wendy) Layout redesign and lean packing process in a small distribution centre  
Grotius GC (Gustav) The design, analysis and evaluation of an inventory management system using software systems  
Hancock MS (Myles) Scrap reduction in an injection moulding facility  
Haq MW (Mohammed) Multiple objective portfolio selection in public stock investments  
Hattingh C (Carla) Minimising Cintocare's financial gap by identifying inventory management systems that need optimisation  
Heymans D (Dominique) Improving order fulfillment and logistics at Talisman Hire franchise with a focus on demand forecasting and minimising travel costs  
Hill EJ (Edward) Profit optimisation in the forestry sector: A simulation-based optimisation model approach  
Hitchcock OEJ (Olivia) Optimising the University of Pretoria Oral Health Centre production laboratory's flow and facility layout  
Ilunga DB (Deborah) Designing a data collection model which accounts for rigging and violence in elections  
Jackes BF (Brandon) Analysis and optimisation of Autoqc  
Jaffer MR (Muhammed) Streamlining production planning and inventory management processes at Habot Oil


Kalitera GD (Glyn) The design of an efficient information system for a Community Oriented Substance Use Programme  
Koenaite MF (Francina) Optimisation of the furnace charge structure for an aluminium foundry  
Krause JJ (Janco) The benefits of robotics processing automation using queueing theory  
le Roux AH (Annatjie) Core business process definition and workflow optimisation of Derby Fuel & Truck stop  
Loots T (Tarryn) Facilities planning and layout design for a lubricant blend plant  
Louw JP (Johan) Inventory management and plant layout for Sinvac  
Mabalayo T (Thoriso) Developing a tool to optimise the number of branches at the South African Post Office  
Mapheleba R (Rorisang) Optimising the flow at a Aerosud receiving warehouse  
Mc Inerney SE (Sara) The development of a dynamic class-based storage assignment policy to increase warehouse throughput  
Miruho JAB (Joel) Identification and classification of brain tumours in MRI scans as being cancerous or non-cancerous with the aid of machine learning  
Mlomzale ELT (Llona) Determining the optimal inventory policy to counter stock-outs at a rotational moulding factory  
Mokwanyane ML (Lesedi) Intelligent stock tracking for overall warehouse improvement   
Mouton AA (Adriaan) Location and facility analysis for a new Pharmavalu wholesaler  
Moyo NL (Ngonidzashe) Business process re-engineering for a client company  
Mudanalwo NM (Mona) Development of a predictive model to estimate the economic sustainability of a business system  
Mulaudzi MM (Mackenzie) Analysis and design of the purchasing department's information system in a hardware store  
Naidoo CRJ (Courteney) Optimisation of employee structure efficiency of the Community Orientated Substance Use Program  
Narainsamy K (Kavisha) A lean engineering approach to improving bottling operations at a lubricant blend plant  
Ncube JM (Jasmin) Applying business engineering and facility design at Ncube Place   
Nel C (Chané) Managing waste in a formal retail supply chain environment  
Nel H (Hendri) Improved inventory management policies for uncertain demand environments  
Ngobeni MD (Daniel) Improving reporting efficiency within a business analytics department of a large logistics company  
Nhamo WC (Cleopatra) Throughput analysis and improvement at Horizon Global (Pty) Ltd  
Noël CV (Caitlin) Miniload automated storage and retrieval system optimisation  
Nortje C (Carla) Using capacity plan modelling and facilities planning to increase the efficiency of the Sir Fruit factory  
Novello R (Riccardo) Database design for improved inventory management  
Odendaal AG (Adriaan) Optimising the school-parent communication system for a public South African school  
Ohlhoff M (Marilee) Maximising milk production at the Hillside Farm Trust dairy farm over the next 10 years  
Olivier EG (Erik) Process optimisation of Moneybags (making Moneybags great again)   
Paris AE (Alessio) The optimisation of batch picking to reduce the travel distance of picking employees  
Pieterse C (Carmen) The financial sustainability of a potential recycling buy-back centre in Calvinia



Pieterse W (Welmar) Using facilities planning to achieve overall efficiency within the process flows at Miami canners  
Pillay M (Mikayla) Identification of patterns and relationships in projects undertaken by students during vacation work  
Posholi RI (Rorisang) A  framework for effective enterprise data governance  
Prinsloo M (Müller) Progression towards efficient manufacturing at Energy and Combustion Services   
Rice S (Sean) Facilities storage plan while optimising inventory flow between warehouse storage and distribution  
Ringdahl RC (Royd) Design and financial feasibility study of a potential “buy back centre” for recyclable waste management in a rural town  
Roos A (Alma) Evolve from need: facilities improvement, expansion of operations, and the viability of tele-education  
Scheepers J (Juliana) Upgrading the accounting information system of a local start-up in the service industry  
Schoeman M (Maxwell) An IoT powered machine monitoring system to improve data collection and communication at an automotive parts manufacturer  
Scholtz CE (Cornelia) The optimisation of tow motor routing for an automotive OEM company  
Sebola TO (Tlou) Optimising procurement and logistics activities at Aerosud  
Sheik Ahmed Thoken H (Husain) Improving patient flow at the University of Pretoria Oral Health Centre using discrete event simulation   
Sibeko SM (Sthembiso) Improving the efficiency of line 3 through idle time minimisation.   
Simay V (Vidhur) Expansion analysis: A new and comprehensive logistics solution  
Smith C (Calvin) A system dynamics approach to learner number forecasting  
Strydom S (Shannon) Investigating the feasibility of developing a risk model for motor insurance using generalised linear modelling  
Sutherland D (Donovan) Optimisation of key business processes of a short-term insurance company using robotic process optimisation  
Swart A (Anjó) The standardisation of master reports for a multinational service provider  
Swart O (Omar) The redesign of Protea Chemicals' supply chain network  
Tallack CA (Caitlin) Using explainable AI to reduce the uncertainty of cash-flow prediction  
Thomas AV (Arun) Process management and a process visibility system  
Tortosa Solsona JA (Antonio) Cycle time reduction of a bakery workstation by using lean tools and facility layout planning   
van der Merwe CD (Christene) Streamlining the operations of a digital imaging unit using lean six sigma  
van Rooyen JA (Albert) The design of an information system to assess advanced social and impact data in the poultry industry  
Verster L (Leané) Design of a process to manufacture and control the quality of the crash block at Valoworx  
Walters BL (Bardeen) Automating collaboration to improve innovation within a large logistics company  
Watts AS (Adam) Facility relocation for layout optimisation and integration of  a lean philoshy  
Wolvaardt RB (Rut) The application of mathematical optimisation to cable stock management  



- Author Bonolo Mokoka

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