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Structural Geology

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  • Structural setting of the Bushveld Complex.
  • Structural setting of Marion Island in the Sub-Antarctic Ocean.
  • Tectonic setting of Proterozoic and Phanerozoic basins on the Kaapvaal Craton.
  • Structural controls over groundwater flow.
  • Structural history of the Vredefort dome.

1997-2000 PhD Geology, University of Pretoria

1996-1997 MSc Geology (cum laude), University of Pretoria

1990-1994 BSc Geology (with honours), University of St. Andrews, UK


2003-present Senior Lecturer in structural geology, University of Pretoria

2000-2003 Post-doctoral research fellow, University of Pretoria


Project supervision:

2003-present Supervision of honours projects – University of Pretoria

Completed MSc:

Konstant Petzer

Structural geological controls on the flow and occurrence of groundwater in the basement lithologies of the Limpopo Province, South Africa

Mtimkulu Mtimkulu

A provisional basin analysis of the Waterberg-Karoo coalfield, South Africa.

Students presently enrolled for MSc:

Ian Jennings

Palaeostress Analysis in the Vredefort Dome, South Africa

Timothy Raymond

The structural geology of Bafokeng Royal platinum mine, South Africa

Christopher Male

A remote sensing/GIS study of heavy mineral traps in Lesotho

Barry Kazadi

Kinematics of brittle deformation of the Neoproterozoic Katangan rocks in the Central African copper belt. (D.R.Congo)

Hannes Viljoen

Structural Geology of the Tshikondeni area, Limpopo Province, South Africa


Students currently enrolled for PhD:

Markus van der Neut

The geology of the Wilgerivier Formation, Waterberg Group, South Africa.

Mehran Koleini

Engineering Geological Assessment and Rock Mass Characterization of the Asmari Formation as Large Dam Foundation Rocks in Southwestern Iran (Zagros Range)

Montasir Ibnouf

The Structural Geology and Tectonics of the Glaucophane Schist in the area around Jebel Abu Tulu, Southern Kordofan State, Sudan.

Gaba Chinyepi

The geology of the Selkirk, Tekwane, Dikoloti and Selebi Phikwe Ni-Cu (PGE) deposits, Botswana.


2003-present GLY 704 Crustal Evolution (Honours level)

2003-2007 GLY 703 Basin Analysis (Honours level)

2003-present GLY 254 Structural Geology (second year geology students, fourth-year mining engineers)

2003-2006 GLY 152 Physical geology (First year level)

2006-present GLY 161 Historical Geology (First year level)


Fellow of the Geological Society
President for Tectonics Division of the Geological Society (TDOGS)


Bumby, A.J. & Rigby, M.J. (2007). The timing of the Limpopo Orogeny: constraints from the sedimentary record. Global Comparison of Archean Terranes Symposium, University of Western Ontario, Canada

Eriksson, P.G., Bumby A.J., et al. (2007). Palaeohydrological data from the c. 2.0-1.8 Ga Waterberg Group, South Africa: a possibly unique Palaeoproterozoic fluvial style. International Conference on Precambrian Sedimentation and Tectonics and Second GPSS Meeting

Bumby, A.J., Bordy, E.M., Pirk, C.W.W., & Bateman, P.W. (2008) Possible Fossil Termite Nests from the Early Jurassic of South Africa. International Congress of Entomology, Durban.


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Eriksson, P.G., Banerjee, S., Catuneanu, O., Sarkar, S., Bumby, A.J. and Mtimkulu, M.N. (2007) Prime controls on Archaean-Palaeoproterozoic sedimentation: change over time. Gondwana Research 12, p. 550-559.

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Eriksson, P.G., Long, D., Bumby, A.J., Eriksson, K.A., Simpson, E, Catuneanu, O. et al. (2008) Palaeohydrological data from the c. 2.0 to 1.8 Ga Waterberg Group, South Africa: discussion of a possibly unique Palaeoproterozoic fluvial style. South African Journal of Geology, vol. 111. p. 281-304.

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Bordy, E.M., Knoll, F. and Bumby, A. (2010) New data on the palaeontology and sedimentology of the Lower Jurassic Lisbon Formation (Karoo Supergroup), Ellisras Basin, South Africa. Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie Abh., DOI: 10.1127/0077-7749/2010/0091; Stuttgart. p. 1-11.

Bordy, E. M., Sztanó, O., Rubidge, B.S. and Bumby, A. J. (in press) Early Triassic vertebrate burrows from the Katberg Formation of the south-western Karoo Basin, South Africa. Lethaia.

Hall, K., Meiklejohn, K.I. and Bumby, A. (in press) Marion Island (sub-Antarctic) volcanism and glaciation: new findings and reconstructions. Antarctic Science.

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