Dikgang Moseneke Excellence Bursary Recipients Invited to Join the Golden Key International Honour Society

Posted on May 08, 2023

The prestigious Golden Key International Honour Society has extended an invitation to four recipients of the Dikgang Moseneke Excellence Bursary to join the Society. The students are Thatoyaone Kgomo, Celiwe Mxhalisa, Rofhiwa Mudau, and Kearabilwe Marobane. Golden Key is one of the world's largest collegiate honour societies for top-performing undergraduate students and has strong relationships with over 400 universities worldwide. Golden Key Society membership is by invitation only and students qualify to join the organization when they score among the top 15% of their specific year group. 

The Dikgang Moseneke Excellence Bursary recipients: Thatoyaone Kgomo, Celiwe Mxhalisa, Rofhiwa Mudau and Kearabilwe Morobane

This highly esteemed invitation comes as no surprise due to their exceptional academic performance. They have also been recipients of the Dean's Merit Award since their first year of study at the University of Pretoria. The students achieved excellent grades in the 2022 academic year, with Mudau obtaining 96% for Consumer Protection as her highest mark; Mxhalisa achieving 93% for Specific Contracts; Kgomo achieving 83% for English Specific Purposes; and Morobane achieving 89% for Public Law 220. Being well-rounded students, the recipients have also been involved in extra-curricular activities on campus such as Law House sub-committees and other outreach activities. 

Thatoyaone Kgomo writes:

The start of my university journey offered an experience that I never, in my wildest dreams, would have imagined. Firstly, being awarded this prestigious bursary at the start of my university career provided a stern reminder that the hard work doesn’t stop upon receiving my NSC certificate. With full awareness of this, I worked really hard in my first year. Many challenges were presented to me - most of which I conquered, but some were to my detriment. Nonetheless, I am a firm believer in trying so I checked my eligibility for the Golden Key Society without expectation, but to my surprise, I got selected. As an individual who values academic validation, receiving this news was unexpected and quite unbelievable, but I welcomed it and felt quite blessed. Being recognised by the Golden Key Society is a strong motivator to continue working hard in my pursuit for excellence.”

Celiwe Mxhalisa writes:

"Being invited to join the Golden Key Society is - much like being a DCJ Moseneke Excellence Scholarship recipient - an incredible honour. I will use the resources at my disposal to achieve new heights as a student and as a person. I will also use these resources to effect positive change in the lives of the people around me."

Rofhiwa Mudau writes: 

"When I first heard of Golden Key International Honour Society in my first year I hoped to become a member of the society and I wrote it down as one of my goals for that academic year. The anticipation to achieve this goal among other academic goals drove me to work really hard and as such, exceeded my expectations in my overall performance. But I did not get the membership invitation even though I had done pretty well so with disappointment I decided to stop pursuing it. When I got the invitation to the society two years later, I honestly was not expecting it but I cannot begin to explain the excitement that I felt knowing that all the hard work I have put into my academics has gained international recognition. I can say without a doubt that being part of a Scholarship that pushes us to be exceptional students has played a huge role in my achievement of this recognition. I am truly honoured."

Kearabilwe Morobane writes:

Let me begin by mentioning that when I initially received the email that I invited to join Golden Key, I was a bit surprised. But when I realised that I had actually made it to the Golden Key Society, I was overwhelmed with gratitude because I knew it was all God's doing. This accomplishment proves to me that perseverance really pays off and that investing so much time to my academics - when many my age are wanting to put it elsewhere - actually pays off in the long run. More than anything, it serves as inspiration to press on. Being able to be in the top 15% despite law being a challenging course inspires me to work harder and strive for greater things.

UP Law and the Dikgang Moseneke Excellence Bursary Committee is extremely proud of its recipients on this wonderful achievement. The two Faculty co-chairs of the Moseneke Legacy Project, Professor Charles Maimela (Deputy Dean) and Professor Joel Modiri (HOD Jurisprudence) commented proudly: "Congratulations for making it into the Golden Key. This is a well-deserved achievement. We wish you the very best for your studies and be assured of our continued support towards your studies."

- Author Tshilidzi Mahumela

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