About the Engineering Augmented Degree Programme (ENGAGE)

A regular university engineering degree course in South Africa requires four years of full-time study, as regulated by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA).

An engineering degree is very demanding, well known for its high academic standards and is internationally recognized. Statistics on pass rates indicate that attrition is high and most students take five years or longer to graduate.

In the engineering programme, the workload is high, the pace is fast and the modules are academically challenging. Many students do not have a strong enough background in mathematics, physical science, academic literacy and information technology and do not have the study skills to cope with the mainstream, four-year programme. In addition, many students struggle with the transition to university life, with its very large first-year classes, freedom from strict discipline, and many social activities, even if they attended high-performing schools.

That is why the School of Engineering offers a five-year programme, called the Engineering Augmented Degree Programme (ENGAGE). ENGAGE is available in all the engineering disciplines. ENGAGE provides a carefully structured curriculum that helps students adjust to university life and cope with the demands of engineering studies. In ENGAGE the volume of work is gradually increased and the support provided is gradually decreased over a period of five years. Student should be prepared to work exceptionally hard and those who do, will be successful! 

Published by Anneli Jansen van Rensburg

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