Dr Erika Müller

ENGAGE programme co-ordinator

Senior Lecturer for the module Professional Orientation (JPO 110 and 120).

BA (Psychology and English)
Post-graduate Certificate in Education
BEd (Psychology)
MEd (Psychology)
PhD in Higher Education. Title: The Big Five model of personality and academic achievement at university. (UJ)

Research interests:
  • influence of academic communication skills and life skills on first year academic performance.

Tel: 012 420 4109
[email protected]



Ms Aletta Nkuna

Administrative assistant

National Secretarial Diploma

Aletta Nkuna worked at Promat College of Education and at the National Union of Educators before joining the University of Pretoria in 2003.

Tel: 012 420 4110


Dr Eric Njoroge

Senior Lecturer for the modules Additional Electricity and Electronics (JPO 112) and Additional Material Science (JPO 123)
BSc (Physics) Moi University
MSc (Electronics) University of Botswana
PhD in Physics (Material Science) (UP)
Eric Njoroge has taught basic physics and electronics at University of Botswana and at the University of Pretoria 4-year engineering
Research interests:
  •  Materials for nuclear research.
  •  Devices fabrication and testing.
  •  Alternative fuels.
Tel: 012 420 4777

Dr Janine Hechter

Lecturer for the module Additional Mathematics (JPO 116 and 126).
BSc Mathematics and Geography (UP)
Higher Diploma in Education. Didactics: Mathematics and Geography (UP) 
BSc (Hons) in Science Education, University of the Witwatersrand
MSc (Science Education): Analysing and understanding teacher development on a Mathematical Literacy ACE course (University of the Witwatersrand) 
PhD (Mathematics Education) (UP)

Research interests:
  • teaching and learning of mathematics, in particular Calculus, of first year students
  • investigating the relationship between conceptual understanding and procedural fluency of mathematics for first year Engineering students - including mathematical reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving skills
Tel: 012 420 6420

Dr  Rethabile Tekane

Lecturer for the modules Additional Chemistry (JPO 111 and 161) for first year Engineering students and Additional Chemistry (JPO 121) for second year Engineering students.
BSc Biochemistry & Microbiology (UKZN, Pietermaritzburg Campus)
BSc (Hons) Biochemistry (UKZN, Pietermaritzburg Campus)
MSc Biochemistry (UKZN, Pietermaritzburg Campus)
PhD Chemistry (Chemical Education) Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA.
Tel: 012 420 4429

Dr Dirk van Vuuren

Lecturer for the modules Additional Graphical Communication (JPO 113) and Additional Mechanics (JPO 125)
BEng (Mechanical) (UJ)
MEng (Mechanical) - Cum laude (UJ)
PhD (Engineering Management) (UJ)

Dirk van Vuuren is a Mechanical Engineer and has approximately 5 years’ experience within the automotive and energy sector.

Research interests:
  • Automotive design; and
  • Renewable energy.
Tel: 012 420 5269

Dr Saloshana Naidoo

Lecturer for the module Professional Orientation (JPO 110 and 120).

DSP (Education) Transvaal College of Education    
HED (Higher Education Diploma) Springfield College of Education
SACE registered
Computer Literacy (N3-N6) 
Information Administration (N1-N6)
B(Ed.) Adult and Community Education - cum laude (Rand Afrikaans University)
M(Ed.) Adult and Community Education - cum laude (Rand Afrikaans University) 
PhD (Information Technology) (University of Pretoria)

Research interests:
  • Information Technology practices
  • Supportive intervention in first-year tertiary Information Technology
Tel: 012 420 6511

Ms Lauren Fouche

Lecturer for the module Professional Orientation (JPO 110 and 120).
BA: Own Choice (UP)
PGCE: Intermediate Phase (Rhodes University)
BA (Hons): English (UP)
MA: English (UP)
My research interests include
  • making science more accessible to people from different backgrounds through language,
  • improving the students’ ability to communicate their ideas, and
  • helping the students with analysis and synthesis of information.
Tel: 012 420 4222


Mr Kyle Oerder

Lecturer for the module Additional Physics (JPO 152 and 122).
BSc (Hons) Physics - cum laude (UP)
MSc Physics - cum laude (UP)
Research interests:
  • C*-Algebras and operator theory with emphasis on Von Neumann Algebras in string theory;
  • Quantum field theory
  • Quantum dynamical systems and Ergadic theory
  • Tertiary physics education
Tel: 012 420 3538




Ms Anneli Billman Jansenvan Rensburg

Lecturer for the module Additional Mathematics (JPO 116 and 126). 
BSc MAthematics and Applied Mathematics (UP)
BSc (Hons) Mathematics - cum laude (UP)
MSc (Math Education) (UP)
SACE registered
Anneli Billman Jansen van Rensburg is an experienced lecturer with great interest in mathematical thinking and learning. 

esearch interests:
  • Use of technology in mathematics education
  • Online assessment of mathematics
Tel: 012 420 6434

Ms Daniella Bettoni


Lecturer for the module Additional Programming (JPO 114 and 124).
BIS (Information Science) (UP)
BIS Honours (Information Science) – Cum laude (UP)
MIT (Master of Information Technology) – Cum laude (UP)
Research interests:
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Human-computer interaction trends in healthcare
  • ICT for development
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