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In ENGAGE students take all of the modules of the four-year programme in the same classes as the four-year programme students, but spread them out over a longer time. In addition, for every 16-credit 100 level (first year) module, students also take an 8-credit augmented module. For example, in the first semester students take the same chemistry module (16 credits) as the four-year programme students as well as Additional Chemistry (8 credits). In Additional Chemistry, students are divided into groups of about 50 and work on strengthening problem-solving and other cognitive skills, developing conceptual understanding, and acquiring background knowledge needed for the four-year programme Chemistry module.

In Year 1 ENGAGE students take the natural sciences modules that form the foundation for engineering, namely, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Computer engineering students take Programming instead of Chemistry. ENGAGE students also take Professional Orientation, which provides an introduction to technology and information technology as well as developing students’ life skills, study skills and communication skills.

In Year 2 ENGAGE students take the introductory (100 level) engineering modules. For each engineering module they also take a compulsory additional module. Year 2 students also take one 200 level mathematics module per semester. In Year 3 students take the remaining level 200 modules, but since they have already taken two mathematics 200 modules they have a slightly lighter load than the four-year programme students. ENGAGE students follow exactly the same programme as the four-year programme students for the last two years of their studies.

All components of ENGAGE are compulsory. Attendance in all modules is also compulsory. The structure of the programme is summarized in the following table.

Four-year programme Modules Developmental Modules
100 level Natural science modules
100 level Human and Social Sciences
Additional module in each natural science module
Professional Orientation
100 level Engineering modules
200 level Mathematics modules
Additional module in each engineering module
200 level Engineering modules
200 level Mathematics modules
300 level Engineering modules
400 level Engineering modules

For more detail of the curriculum of each engineering discipline, follow the links below:

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