Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is the degree I will receive on the ENGAGE programme the same as on the four-year programme?


2. Is the degree recognized internationally?


3. Does it appear on my graduation certificate that I did the ENGAGE programme?

No. Only the date of graduation appears on the graduation certificate.

4. Will being on the ENGAGE programme affect my ability to find a job?

It may help you, because you have a better chance of passing all your modules. You will also learn many useful skills.

5. Can I register for a postgraduate course if I was in the ENGAGE programme?


6. Can I change from the four-year programme to the ENGAGE programme later?

The last date for changes is indicated in the University's calendar and this is usually two weeks after commencement of lectures in the beginning of the first year of study. However, keep in mind that you will then need to catch up on the work of the additional modules. 

7. Will I still be able to get a bursary if I am on the ENGAGE programme?

Many sponsors prefer students to be on the ENGAGE programme.

8. Is it possible for me to selects which augmented modules I want to take?

No. An ENGAGE student has to take all the prescribed modules.

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