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UP Law academia promoted
4 December 2018

The Faculty of Law at the University of Pretoria extends hearty congratulations to the following staff members on their promotions effective 1 January 2019:

  • Prof Monray Botha, Head of the Department Mercantile Law, from associate professor to full professor; 
  • Dr Reghard Brits from senior lecturer to associate professor, also in the Department of Mercantile Law;
  • Dr Joel Modiri in the Department of Jurisprudence from lecturer to senior lecturer;
  • Dr Charles Maimela in the Department of Private Law from lecturer to senior lecturer, and
  • Dr Tronel Joubert in the Department of Mercantile Law from lecturer to senior lecturer.

Well done!  Congratulations in your new positions.  Onward and UPward!

Promotion celebrations - Photo 1:  Dr Isolde de Villiers, Prof Karin van Marle, Dr Joel Modiri and Professor Johann van der Westhuizen from the Department of Jurisprudence;

Photo 2:  Prof Reghard Brits and Prof Melanie Roestoff from the Department of Mercantile Law and Deputy Dean Birgit Kuschke;

Photo 3:  Prof Frans Viljoen, Director of the Centre for Human Rights, Prof Anne Louw, acting Head of the Department of Private Law, Mornay Hassen, personal assistant to the Deans, Prof Karin van Marle, Dr Joel Modiri and Dr Isolde de Villiers;

Photo 4:  Drs Charles Maimela and Joel Modiri.

Regrettably Prof Monray Botha and Dr Tronel Joubert were unable to attend the celebrations due to prior commitments.  

- Author Elzet Hurter
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On the left: Drs Charles Maimela, Tronel Joubert, Joel Modiri and Prof Reghard Brits; On the right: Prof Monray Botha.