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Faculty says goodbye to Professor Duard Kleyn
23 February 2017
Faculty says goodbye to Professor Duard Kleyn
In February 2017 the Faculty of Law at the University of Pretoria hosted a farewell event to celebrate former Dean Duard Kleyn’s contributions to the Faculty over decades, wishing him all the best with his well-deserved retirement. Professor Kleyn is bringing a distinguished career at TuksLaw to a close after 35 years of dedicated service, having occupied leadership roles such as Deputy Dean in 1997 and Dean of the Faculty of Law from 1998 to 2006.
On behalf of the staff and students of the Faculty, Dean André Boraine thanked Professor Kleyn for his many contributions to the Faculty, including his involvement in the design and building of the current Law Building. Professor Boraine also mentioned the number of books that Professor Kleyn has published, and the fact that Professor Kleyn frequently received the Best Lecturer of the Year Award from law students.
In response to tributes from Professors Boraine and Karin van Marle, Professor Kleyn did credit to his reputation as an articulate speaker and delivered a heartfelt speech to those present. He also reminded the Faculty of the important role that administration staff plays in the University and reminded academics not to have any misgivings and misjudge the roles of the various administrative staff in the institution.
As a parting thought, Prof Kleyn urged faculty members ‘to embrace change, as change is inevitable and essential to growing and moving forward. It is when we can embrace change, accept change, prepare for change and learn from it, that we become all the better for experiencing it. Then change is no longer our enemy, but our teacher’.
Our best wishes accompany Prof Kleyn and we wish him enjoyment of his many interests in the years to come.
- Author Elzet Hurter
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