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Opportunities in ChemEng @ UP

Postgraduate Study Opportunities for 2018

Opportunities in ECERA Group (2 Positions)

Environmental fate and effects of engineered nanomaterials in aquatic systems: case of ENMs and organics mixtures

2 PhD Positions

You have completed your Masters in Chemistry or Biochemistry, and then what next? Moreover, you have been considering to establish a career in research, and therefore, a doctorate in a cutting-edge field is among factors that compels you to choice a PhD programme as part of your long-term career dream and strategy. Well, Emerging Contaminants Ecological Risk Assessment (ECERA) Research Group in Chemical Engineering Department, University of Pretoria, is looking for candidates to fill two doctoral positions. In brief, the candidates are expected to investigate the interactions of binary ENMs as well as binary and tertiary mixtures of ENMs and organic contaminants with specific reference to freshwater systems as media of exposure. Just to give insights on what the research work entails: the candidate with chemistry background will be expected to investigate the fate and behaviour studies largely using experimental techniques for ENMs and organics as mixtures. Conversely, for doctoral candidate with biochemistry background, the expectations are to undertake limited fate and behaviour studies with considerable body of scientific work on interactions of ENMs and organic contaminant as mixtures with organisms at different trophic levels. ECERA though a young group, it has many opportunities, for example, a candidate with strong chemistry (e.g. computational chemistry at Masters) background can also be provided to an opportunity if they are not keen to do experimental work. Good research needs to be published. Well, the selected candidates are also required to have proficiency in communication skills both in written and spoken English, be self-starter (a candidate who can lead a project and deliver as per set agreement), and a team player (this is essential in this highly multi-disciplinary field of research). Interested PhDs candidates are kindly requested to send their application to Prof N Musee via email ([email protected]). The deadline for the applications is 9th March 2018. Send your full CV, university marks for undergraduate and master’s degrees plus certificates, and three names of contactable academic referees (email and telephone). Incomplete applications will not be considered. Additional information: Successful candidates are expected to start immediately and both positions are fully funded.  


Institute of Applied Materials

Link to the IAM website

There are currently vacant postgraduate research opportunities available in our group.  For more information on current projects with bursary opportunities in the Institute and sub-groups, click here.  Please contact the group leader for more information.

Carbon materials and Product design group

2 Sponsored Positions.
Qualifying students can enroll for a Masters or PhD in the fields of Carbon Materials, Pyrotechnics, Polymer Science and Product Design.
For more details, please contact Prof WW Focke.


Polymer materials group

1 Sponsored Position.
Qualifying students can enroll for a Masters or PhD in the fields of Polymer Material Science, Bio and Nano Materials Development and Polymer Additives Technology
For more details, please contact Prof WW Focke.


1 Sponsored Position.
Qualifying students can enroll for a PhD in the fields of Polymer Material Science, Nano Materials Development, Polymer Additives Technology and Heterogeneous Catalysts. Research focus will be on Layered Double Hydroxide synthesis, modification and application.

Post Doc positions are also available.
For more details, please contact Dr Johan Labuschagne.

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