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The mission of the Department of Institutional Planning (DIP) is to continuously re-imagine the University of Pretoria and support the realisation of its strategic goals through evidence-based decision support, institutional and market research, academic planning and risk management, and quality assurance and enhancement.


The mandate of the department includes:

  • Formulation of clear strategic plans and annual plans through a participatory approach;
  • Assessment and identification of critical strategic initiatives that are innovative, entrepreneurial and viable contributing to the sustainability of UP;
  • Promotion and translation of the plans / strategic initiatives at all levels of the institution;
  • Support rapid decision making and agility during the execution of the plans/ strategic initiatives to adapt to changes in the environment;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the realisation of University's strategic goals;
  • Drive the required change throughout the institution by creating shared meaning;
  • Ensure performance management outcomes and metrics are met and addressed timeously in consultation with relevant stakeholders; 
  • Provision of accurate and timely institutional management information to support decision making.


The key goals of the department include:

  • To assess and analyse the internal and external environment in order to formulate strategic direction, intent and clear strategies, goals and objectives in consultation with UP’s management team;
  • To undertake targeted institutional and market research and also provide business intelligence for evidence based decision making;
  • To generate understandable and concise strategic plans and annual plans with clear targets and KPIs in collaboration with key stakeholders;
  • To translate strategic information into readily available reports for engagement and scrutiny by the executive and faculty management;
  • To fulfil the University's statutory obligations in terms of the provision of HEMIS and subsidy-related information through accurate and timeous reporting;
  • To identify and assess critical strategic initiatives, at all levels of the institution that are aligned with the UP Strategy with the aim to enhance sustainability and the competitive positioning of the university both locally and internationally;
  • To foster new relationships, networks and synergies across the institution as well as with key external collaborators; 
  • To support the strategic formulation, and monitoring and evaluation of strategy processes through proactive championing, providing oversight, resource allocation, driving change and monitoring and tracking progress;
  • To establish greater accountability and transparency across the institution to those tasked with carrying out the strategy;
  • To provide accurate and timely management information to inform strategic decision making;
  • To develop performance measures that will steer UP towards attaining its strategic goals and the assessment of the extent to which the University achieves its strategic goals;
  • To coordinate quality reviews and evaluation of programmes, units and departments as well as accreditations in order to promote continual improvements;
  • To facilitate and co-ordinate UP’s risk register through risk management processes;
  • To maintain credible and positive relationships with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), Council on Higher Education (CHE), South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), Universities South Africa (USAf), professional councils and other important agencies.

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