Departmental Seminars and Events Archive (2016-2021)




10 December 2021


Ms Babalwa Tembeni, PhD candidate, Chemistry Department, University of Pretoria

HPLC-based purification and isolation of anti-HIV and latency reversal compounds from a Gnidia species (Thymelaeaceae)

Study leaders: Prof Vinesh Maharaj and Dr Dashnie Naidoo-Maharaj

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6 December 2021


Ms Sindisiwe Mvango, PhD candidate, Chemistry Department, University of Pretoria

The chemical syntheses and physico-chemical characterization of polymer conjugates of antimalarial compounds

Study leader: Prof Lynne Pilcher

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3 December 2021


Mr Luke Invernizzi, MSc student, Chemistry Department, University of Pretoria

In-vitro screening of South African medicinal plants in the pursuit of anti-viral agents against SARS-CoV-2

Study leaders: Prof Vinesh Maharaj (Chemistry) and Dr. Phanankosi Moyo (Biochemistry)

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26 November 2021


Dr Madelien Wooding, Chemistry Department, University of Pretoria

Chemical profiling of the human skin surface for malaria vector control using a non-invasive sorptive sampler with GC×GC-TOFMS and UPLC-IMS-HRMS

Study leaders: Dr Yvette Naudé and Prof Egmont Rohwer

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19 November 2021


Dr Niel Malan, Chemistry Department, University of Pretoria

Exploiting carbon doxide technology in next-generation chromatography

Study leader: Prof Egmont Rohwer

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12 November 2021


Ané Kritzinger, MSc Student, Chemistry Department, University of Pretoria

Quantum dot-tagged beads in an optical trap

Study leaders: Prof Patricia Forbes (UP) and Prof Andrew Forbes (WITS)

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29 October 2021


Dr Jurgens de Lange, Chemistry Department, University of Pretoria

A couple of lonely electrons in a crowded room: Revisiting the concept of an electron lone pair

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22 October 2021


Dennis Moyo, PhD Candidate, Chemistry Department, University of Pretoria

Characterizing the thermal phase behaviour of fipronil

Study leaders: Prof Liezel van der Merwe and Prof Walter Focke

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1 October 2021


Hendrik van der Poll, PhD candidate, Chemistry Department, University of Pretoria

Introduction to Perovskites and their Application to Optoelectronics with Alkali Metal Halide Hybrid Perovskites as a Case Study

Study Leader: Prof Melanie Rademeyer

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17 September 2021


Estefan van Vuuren, PhD candidate, Chemistry Department, University of Pretoria

Complexes of Rhodium and Iridium featuring cyclometallated NHC moieties: Synthesis and catalysis

Study leaders: Prof Marilé Landman and Dr Frikkie Malan

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27 August 2021


Dr Christine Mundy, Chemistry Department, University of Pretoria

Addressing barriers to understanding emission spectroscopy for novice chemistry students

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20 August 2021


Prof Marietjie Potgieter, Chemistry Department, University of Pretoria

Chemistry Education Research: Where from and where to?

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29 May 2020

Dr. Karen Surridge, Centre Manager, Renewable Energy Centre of Research & Development Clean Energy, SANEDI, South Africa

Title: "The Triple B & The Double C"

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6 May 2020

Elias Aphane, PhD candidate, Department of Chemistry, University of Pretoria and UNISA

Silica nanoparticles from South African coal fly ash derived sodium silicate solutions

Study leader: Prof Liezel van der Merwe

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8 November 2019

Prof Angelos M Efstathiou, Chemistry Department, University of Cyprus

Title: "How Transient and Isotopic Techniques Advance Optimum Design of Materials with Catalytic Applications"

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25 October 2019

Miss Sindisiwe Mvango, PhD Candidate, CSIR, Participant in the Novartis Next Generation scientist Program in Switzerland 2019

Title: "Novartis, next generation scientist program"

16 August 2019

Dr. Karen Surridge, Centre Manager, Renewable Energy Centre of Research & Development Clean Energy, SANEDI, South Africa

Title: "Women in Science"

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7 August 2019

B M Parveen Beebeejaun-Boodoo (PhD Defense)

"Ionic- and coordination hybrids of metal halides and n-methylpyridine derivatives"

Study leader: Prof Melanie Rademeyer

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31 July 2019

Eve Kroukamp (PhD Defence)

"Optimization of analytical methods for metal(loid)s in a lichen biomonitor."

Study leader: Prof Patricia Forbes

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29 July 2019

Prof K Boniface Kokoh, Department of Chemistry, University of Poitiers, France
Director of Doctoral School, Research Integrity Officer at University of Poitiers

Title: Electrocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide on Carbon Supported
Copper Based Nanomaterials

More information here.

12 April 2019

Dr. Karen Surridge, Centre Manager, Renewable Energy Centre of Research & Development Clean Energy, SANEDI, South Africa

Title: Clean Energy for South Africa

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10 April 2019

Ms Nadine Gawlitta and Dr Jurgen Orasche from the Joint Mass Spectrometry Centre (JMSC), University of Rostock & Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany

Title: Characterization of the Chemical Composition of Aerosols concerning their Allergic Traits

More information here.

8 April 2019

CO2 Conversion to Value Chemicals

South Africa / France Science and Technology Research Collaboration (Protea)

Kickstart Workshop

More information here.

5 April 2019

Prof. Clément Comminges, IC2MP (Institute of Chemistry of Poitiers : Materials and Natural Resources), University of Poitiers, France

Title: Catalysis for Energy and Valorization

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1 March 2019


Prof Neil Coville, Department of Chemistry, University of the Witwatersrand (WITS)

Reducing metal oxides to metals – hydrogen spillover effects in catalysis

28 February 2019


Prof Neil Coville, Department of Chemistry, University of the Witwatersrand (WITS)

Carbon soot – a material for the 4th Industrial Revolution

22 February 2019

Prof. Emil Roduner, Department of Chemistry, University of Pretoria and University of Stuttgart

Title: CO2, a habitable planet Earth, and attempts to reverse climate change

More information here

14 February 2019

Mr Vusi Ludwig Mulaudzi (PhD defence)

Chemical speciation through sequential injection analysis

Study leader: Prof Kenneth I. Ozoemena

30 January 2019

Grizelda du Toit (PhD defence)

"Chemical and mechanical activation of hybrid fly ash cement"

Study leader: Dr Liezel van der Merwe



5 December 2018

Sir Fraser Stoddart, Professor of Chemistry in the Department of
Chemistry, Northwestern University, USA.
Winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016 "for the design and synthesis of molecular machines."

Public lecture

4 December 2018

Hanieh Montaseri (PhD defence)

"Quantum dot - molecularly imprinted polymer nanomaterials for the
fluorescence sensing of selected pharmaceutical and personal care products"

Study leader: Prof. Patricia Forbes

8 November 2018

Prof Ponnadurai Ramasami from the Computational Chemistry Group, Department of Chemistry, University of Mauritius

Subject: Computational study of the molecular aspect of the suspected novichok agent A-234 of the Skripal poisoning

24 October 2018

Dr Jannie Pretorius, Centre for Advancement of Scholarship (CAS), University of Pretoria

Subject: The Essence of Scientific Computing"
This lecture is part of the CAS Seminar Series

19 October 2018

Dr Shankara Radhakrishnan from the Chemistry Department of the University of Pretoria

Subject: Basic Photophysics

12 October 2018

Prof Ramakanth Illa from Rajiv Gandhi University for Knowledge Technologies, India.

Subject: From Surfactants to Soft materials

1-5 October 2018

The Departments of Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Genetics & Microbiology are hosting a multidisciplinary spring school on solar energy and photosynthesis at the University of Pretoria during the October recess.

25 September 2018

Marina van der Merwe (PhD Defense)

“Theoretical and experimental studies on PIBSA-based surfactants"

Study leader: Prof. Marilé Landman

7 September 2018

Dr N Nombona & Dr FP Malan from the Chemistry Department, University of Pretoria

Subject: 67th Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting: Our experience

31 August 2018

Jurgens de Lange (PhD Defense)

"Fundamental nature of chemical bonding from the novel Fragment, Atomic, Localised, Delocalised and Interatomic (FALDI) electron density decomposition scheme. A theoretical study."

Study leader: Prof. Ignacy Cukrowski

27 July 2018

Dr Sarah Diallo-Garcia from SOLVAY - Research and Innovation Center of Paris

Subject: Material chemistry: What can be done in Solvay?

20 July 2018

Mr Hein Potgieter (PhD Defence)

"Developments towards the comprehensive analysis of petrochemical streams."

Study leader: Prof. Egmont Rohwer

29 June 2018

Mr Tinotenda Shoko (PhD Defense)

"Chemical characterisation and development of anti-aging ingredients from Sclerocarya birrea and Ficus sycomorus"

Study leader: Prof. Vinesh Maharaj

15 June 2018

Dr Barbara Sowa (post doctoral student)

Subject: Electrochemical studies of Langmuir-Blodgett films of mercury dithizonate derivatives

12 April 2018

Dr Justin Maghanga, Dean, School of Science and Informatics

Taita Taveta University Voi, Kenya

Subject: Electrochemical treatment of Axo dye wastewater from a Kenyan textile factory using BDD anode

6 April 2018

Dr Aloys Osano  from Maasai Mara University, Kenia

Subject: Biofuel Synthesis from Waste Biomass Using Indigenous Salt Hydrolytic Catalytic Regimes: An Indigenous-Modern Technology Infusion.

28 February 2018

Mr George Kleinhans (PhD Defense)

Reactivity studies of pincer metal complexes stabilized by a bis(1,2,3-triazol-5-ylidene)carbazolide ligand scaffold

Study leader: Dr. Daniela Bezuidenhout

9 February 2018

Mrs Claire Rossouw (PhD Defense)

Physico-chemistry of reduced graphene oxide-coated lithium manganese iron phosphate in electrochemical energy storage

Study leader: Prof. Kenneth Ozoemena

22 January 2018

Mr Frikkie Malan (PhD defence)

CpMetal N-heterocyclic carbene complexes: Synthesis and catalytic applications

Study leader: Prof Marilé Landman



2 November 2017

Dr Rajesh Thimmulappa, Dept of Biochemistry, JSS Medical College, JSS University, Mysore, Karnataka, India

Subject: Targeting Keap1-Nrf2 Pathway In Combating Environmental Diseases - From Bench To Bedside To Population

27 October 2017

Dr Mark Bower

Subject: Perspectives on insect chemical ecology

15 September 2017

Dr Catharine Driver

Subject: Nuclear Medicine research at Necsa and the development of GluCAB as a potentially new radiopharmaceutical for cancer

29 March 2017

Dr Thomas Adam, Helmholtz Zentrum München - German Research Center for Environment and Health Cooperation Group "Comprehensive Molecular Analysis (CMA)", Munich, Germany

Brake and tyre wear particulate matter



25 November 2016

Adedapo Sunday Adeyinka (PhD Defence)

Protonation sequence of aliphatic linear polyamines: A theoretical study

24 October 2016

Prof Emil Roduner, Chemistry Department, University of Pretoria and Institute of Physical Chemistry, University of Stuttgart

"The machinery of life and its relation to the Second Law of Thermodynamics"

15 September 2016

Prof Ralf Zimmermann from Rostock University, Germany

Titel: Comprehensive characterisation of petrochemical fractions: High temperature GCxGC with FOF&HR-TOF detection and thermal analysis-soft ionisation mass spectrometry (TA-MS)

9 September 2016

Dr Lynne Pilcher, Department of Chemistry, UP

Borneo and Lessons learnt at ICCE 2016

28 July 2016

Research Showcase with posters on exhibit in the Mendeleev. Prospective students were introduced to the large variety of exciting research fields in the Department.

25 June 2016

Prof André D. Taylor Director, Transformative Materials and Devices Laboratory Dept. of Chemical and Environmental Engineering Yale University, USA

Challenging Nanostructured Materials for Advanced Energy Devices

27 May 2016

Henda van Vuuren (Faculty Admin)

Marks Calculations Yr 2-Yr 4

8 April 2016

Hein Potgieter, Sasol Group Technology, R&T, Analytics, Sasolburg

Developments towards the comprehensive analysis of Petrochemical Process Streams

15 March 2016

Laurence Galet from Centre RAPSODEE – Ecole des Mines d’Albi, France

Dry coating process: A green technology to design new particles

11 March 2016

Karel G von Eschwege, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein

Redox and Spectral Tuning of Dyes in Solar Cells – a DFT Approach






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