Nolwazi Nombona

Dr N Nombona

Tel:               +27 (0)12 420-2626

Email:           [email protected]

Office:          NW-1, 3-47
Position:       Senior Lecturer
Academic qualification: PhD (Rhodes University)


Undergraduate: General and physical chemistry

Modules: CMY 282, CMY 117, CMY 127

Research interests

Our work targets an area of energy research in which advanced materials are capable of making a significant technological contribution. More specifically, this research seeks to design and fabricate novel nanocomposite materials which include transition metal dichalcogenides, perovskites and metal-organic frameworks


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Recent Journal articles

Heterojunction of nanostructured α-Fe2O3/CuO for enhancement of photoelectrochemical water splitting
Pannan I Kyesmen, Nolwazi Nombona, Mmantsae Diale
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol 863, 2021, 158724

Growth and degradation of methylammonium lead tribromide perovskite thin film at metal/perovskite interfaces
Thin Solid Films, vol 722, 2021, 138568

Effects of film thickness and coating techniques on the photoelectrochemical behaviour of hematite thin films
PI Kyesmen, N Nombona, M Diale
Frontiers in Energy Research, vol 9, 2021, 217

Characterization of Thin MAPb (I Br x) 3 Alloy Halide Perovskite Films Prepared by Sequential
Physical Vapor Deposition
Juvet Nche Fru, Nolwazi Nombona, Mmantsae Diale
Frontiers in Energy Research, 2021

Electrically Enhanced Transition Metal Dichalcogenides as Charge Transport
Layers in Metallophthalocyanine-based Solar Cells
Lebogang Manamela, Juvet N. Fru, Pannan I. Kyesmen, Mmantsae Diale, Nolwazi Nombona
Frontiers in Chemistry, vol 8, 2020, 612418

Metallophthalocyanines in a ternary photoactive layer (P3HT:MPc:PC70BM) for bulk heterojunction solar cells
Denisha Gounden, Michael N. Pillay, Timo Raab, Nolwazi Nombona, Lukas Schmidt-Mende and Werner E. van Zyl
Materials advances, vol 1, 2020, 3058

Modified annealing approach for preparing multi-layered hematite thin films for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Pannan Kyesmen, Nolwazi Nombona, Mmantsae Diale
Materials Research Bulletin, Vol 131, 2020, 110964

Recent advances in phthalocyanines for chemical sensor, non-linear optics (NLO) and energy storage applications
Denisha Gouden, Nolwazi Nombona, Werner van Zyl
Coordination Chemistry Reviews, Vol 420, 2020, 213359

Characterization of Sequential Physical Vapor Deposited Methylammonium Lead Tri-bromide Perovskites Thin Films
Juvet Fru, Nolwazi Nombona, Mmantsae Diale
Vacuum, Vol 182, 2020, 109727

Fabrication of novel magnetic chitosan/graphene-oxide/metal oxide nanocomposite beads for Cr(VI) adsorption 
Chrisanne Naicker, Nolwazi Nombona, Werner van Zyl
Chemical Papers, 74, 2020, 529

Synthesis and Characterization of Methylammonium Lead Tri-bromide Perovskites Thin Films by Sequential Physical Vapor Deposition
Juvet Fru, Nolwazi Nombona, Mmantsae Diale
Physica B, Physica B: Condensed Matter, 5781, 2020

Influence of coating techniques on the optical and structural properties of hematite thin flims
Pannan Kyesmen, Nolwazi Nombona, Mmantsae Diale
Surfaces and Interfaces 17, 2019

Electroanalytical detection of heavy metals using metallophthalocyanine and silica coated iron oxide composites
Denisha Gounden, Smason Khene, Nolwazi Nombona
Chemical papers, 72, 2018, 3043

Synthesis, spectroscopic and DFT characterisation of four positional isomers of 4β-(4-tert-butylphenoxy)phthalocyanine for non-linear optical absorption.
Denisha Gounden, Grace N. Ngubeni, Marcel S. Louzada, Samson Khene, Jonathan Britton, Nolwazi Nombona
South African Journal of Chemistry, 70, 2017, 49-59.


Prof M Diale (UP, Physics)

Prof W van Zyl (UKZN, Chemistry)

Dr M Mlambo (UP, Physics)

Dr L Pillay (Wits, Chemistry)

Dr B Vatsha (UJ, Chemistry)

- Author Dr N Nombona

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