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31 July 2019

Eve Kroukamp (PhD Defence)

"Optimization of analytical methods for metal(loid)s in a lichen biomonitor."

Study leader: Prof Patricia Forbes

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29 July 2019

Prof K Boniface Kokoh, Department of Chemistry, University of Poitiers, France
Director of Doctoral School, Research Integrity Officer at University of Poitiers

Title: Electrocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide on Carbon Supported
Copper Based Nanomaterials

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12 April 2019

Dr. Karen Surridge, Centre Manager, Renewable Energy Centre of Research & Development Clean Energy, SANEDI, South Africa

Title: Clean Energy for South Africa

More information here.

10 April 2019

Ms Nadine Gawlitta and Dr Jurgen Orasche from the Joint Mass Spectrometry Centre (JMSC), University of Rostock & Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany

Title: Characterization of the Chemical Composition of Aerosols concerning their Allergic Traits

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8 April 2019

CO2 Conversion to Value Chemicals

South Africa / France Science and Technology Research Collaboration (Protea)

Kickstart Workshop

More information here.

5 April 2019

Prof. Clément Comminges, IC2MP (Institute of Chemistry of Poitiers : Materials and Natural Resources), University of Poitiers, France

Title: Catalysis for Energy and Valorization

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1 March 2019


Prof Neil Coville, Department of Chemistry, University of the Witwatersrand (WITS)

Reducing metal oxides to metals – hydrogen spillover effects in catalysis

28 February 2019


Prof Neil Coville, Department of Chemistry, University of the Witwatersrand (WITS)

Carbon soot – a material for the 4th Industrial Revolution

22 February 2019

Prof. Emil Roduner, Department of Chemistry, University of Pretoria and University of Stuttgart

Title: CO2, a habitable planet Earth, and attempts to reverse climate change

More information here

14 February 2019

Mr Vusi Ludwig Mulaudzi (PhD defence)

Chemical speciation through sequential injection analysis

Study leader: Prof Kenneth I. Ozoemena

30 January 2019

Grizelda du Toit (PhD defence)

"Chemical and mechanical activation of hybrid fly ash cement"

Study leader: Dr Liezel van der Merwe


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