Darren Riley

 Prof DL Riley

Telephone: +27 (0)12-420-3097

Email:        [email protected]

Office:        NS1, Room 4-63

Position:   Associate Professor

Academic qualifications: PhD (Wits)


Research interests

My research interests include flow chemistry and drug discovery. My flow chemistry team focuses on the development of flow syntheses of pharmaceuticals, reaction engineering and the development of new chemical reactors. My medicinal chemistry team focuses on lead discovery and computational modelling aimed at the identification and development of anti-Alzheimer’s agents.

Webpage: http:\\www.rileygroup.co.za


Journal articles (2014-2018)

Mild and selective reductions of aldehydes utilising sodium dithionite under flow conditions. N.C. Neyt, D.L. Riley Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2018, 14, 1529-1536
DOI: 10.3762/bjoc.14.129

Approaches for performing reductions under continuous flow conditions. D. L. Riley, N.C. Neyt. Synthesis, 2018, 50 (14), 2707-2720
DOI: 10.1055/s-0037-1610153

Batch-flow hybrid synthesis of the anti-psychotic clozapine. N.C. Neyt, D. L. Riley. Reaction Chemistry and Engineering, 2018, 3, 17-24.
DOI: 10.1039/C7RE00146K

Targeting Alzheimer’s disease by investigating previously unexplored chemical space surrounding the cholinesterase inhibitor donepezil. D.G. van Greunen, W. Cordier, M. Nell, C. van der Westhuyzen, V. Steenkamp, J. Panayides, D.L. Riley. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2017, 127, 671-690.

New syntheses of (±)-tashiromine and (±)-epitashiromine via enaminone intermediates, Riley, D. L.; Michael, J. P.; de Koning, C. B. Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry 2016, 12, 2609–2613.

Design and synthesis of ring C opened analogues of α-santonin as potential anticancer agents J. Khazir, B.A. Mir, L.A. Pilcher, D.L. Riley, G. Chashoo, A. Islam, A.K. Saxena, H.M.S. Kumar,  Medicinal Chemistry Research, 2016, 25: 2030-2041.

An improved process for the preparation of tenofovir diisoproxil fumarate,D.L. Riley, D.R. Walwyn, C.D. Edlin, Organic Process Research and Development, 2016, 20, 742-750

Design, synthesis and anticancer activity of Michael-type thiol adducts of α-santonin analogues with exocyclic methylene. Jabeena Khazir, Darren L. Riley, Gousia Chashoo, Bilal Ahmad Mir, David Liles, Md. Ataul Islam, Shashank K. Singh, Ram A. Vishwakarma, Lynne A. Pilcher Eur. J. Med. Chem., 2015, 101, 769-779.

An inquiry-based practical curriculum for organic chemistry as preparation for industry and postgraduate research, L.A. Pilcher, D.L. Riley, K.C. Mathabathe, M. Potgieter, South African Journal of Chemistry, 2015 68, 236-244

Anticancer agents from diverse natural sources Jabeena Khazir, Darren L Riley, Lynne A Pilcher, Pieter De-Maayar, Bilal Ahmad Mir, Nat. Prod. Comm., 2015, 9(11), 1655-1669.

Role of plants in anticancer drug discovery Jabeena Khazir, Bilal Ahmad Mir, Lynne Pilcher, Darren L. Riley, Phytochem. Lett., 2014, 7, 173-181.

- Author Dr D Riley
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